The mother of two Native American teens, stopped by police during a college campus tour: “It feels like returning a victim to the scene of a crime”

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In this photo from body camera video, two Native American teenagers are questioned by Colorado State University campus police after they were pulled from a college tour, Monday, April 30, in Colorado. The teen's faces were blurred by the Colorado State University campus police. The mother of the teenagers who campus police pulled from the tour after a parent reported feeling nervous about them said she believes her sons were victims of racial profiling and she feared for their safety after learning about the encounter. In an interview Thursday with The Associated Press, Lorraine Kahneratokwas Gray described receiving a frantic phone call from her son, 19-year-old Thomas Kanewakeron Gray, about the incident at Colorado State University. (Colorado State University campus police via AP)

Lorraine Kahneratokwas Gray is the mother of two Native American teens, Thomas Kanewakeron and Lloyd Skanahwati, who were stopped by police while on a college campus tour, after a woman complained of suspicious behavior. She joins John Williams to describe how the false stop that led the teens to miss the tour they drove seven hours for, has been received in the family’s community. 

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