Brian Noonan Show 5/6/18: Rude bikers, Jimmy Pardo, and budgeting for moms

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A site we city-folk don't see too often....a full Divvy Bike rack! (Andrea Darlas / WGN Radio)

Brian calls out rude bikers, talks podcasting and comedy with Jimmy Pardo, and gets some budgeting tips for moms (and all parents) from author Catey Hill.

To kick off the show, Brian talks about the beautiful weather and how he’s handling his “crazy dog” digging up holes all over his backyard. Producer Cody Gough then describes his experience riding a bike for the first time in more than 15 years, but has a complaint about rude bikers riding along Lake Michigan.

Brian verbally eviscerates rude race-bikers in trademark hilarious fashion before transitioning into an equally funny conversation with comedian Jimmy Pardo, host of the Never Not Funny Podcast, which he’s taking on tour and will be hosting at Zanies in Rosemont on Saturday, May 12. They talk about the incredible success of the podcast, why he’s taking the show on the road, and a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to talk to famous comedians and actors in different performance settings.

Then, Brian and the crew talk about how being verified on Twitter is actually really impressive to some people. They also chat about which social media they’re on these days and why before changing topics to a great story about kids misbehaving in ways that are so funny, it’s hard to even punish them for it.

Catey Hill, author of the new book “The 30-Minute Money Plan for Moms: How to Maximize Your Family Budget in Minimal Time,” calls in to discuss money management tips for moms and other parents who are looking to save some money and monitor their spending effectively.

To wrap up the show, Brian and the crew discuss fainting high schoolers, hemophobia, and urine exploding in a microwave.

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