Author talks future of drone technology in the military

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Author Paul Scharre

Author of Army of None: Autonomous Weapons and the Future of War Paul Scharre, joins The Matt Bubala Show to discuss his book and the futureof drone technology on the battlefield.  Scharre explains that the more often that technology “takes bullets”  it means “the less we risk human lives.”  He says that 90 countries have drones and 16 countries have armed drones.

The author does worry about what might happen in a jammed competitive communications setting for issues like hacking, but he also thinks that it would be really challenging for robots to replace soldiers in frontline of war. While robots can’t walk like people, they can take specific shapes and it is helping the military to gather data.” Militaries can send in a drone to map a building and send back data to soldiers outside the building.” Drones help with facial recognition, so it’s possible to keep track of terrorism and scan objects to see where weapons can be placed.

Scharre says people who have drones may use them as an entertainment purposes. “When people get drones, whether it’s an individual or a country they do one of two things: fly it somewhere where it doesn’t belong, or they put a gun on it.”

In the future, Sharre thinks it’s possible that eventually one day drones will be able to make decisions on certain commands.










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