The Buzzworthy Moments of The Correspondents Dinner, Free Comic Book Day, Women in Comedy, Zen Yoga and Personal Growth! | Full Show (April 30th)

Amy Guth and Jen from Zen Yoga Garage

Tonight Amy Guth is in for Patti! We dive into our Monday Night (April 30th) by discussing the Buzzworthy Moments of The Correspondents Dinner with Guth and Huppke on Politics co-host, Rex Huppke.  Then, Free Comic Book Day is upon us!  So, we bring on Third Coast Comics owner Terry Grant to give us the low down on scoring some comics!  Women in Comedy is an amazing organization here in Chicago – to enlighten us on what has been happening with the organization, Amber Nettles joins us by phone.  And moving right into the zen-mode….Zen Yoga Garage teacher, Jennifer Lynne LeVine brings her calming spirit to give us tips/info on meditation/yoga.  And Robyn Woodman “pusher of the semi-reluctant” personal growth coach jumps on air to give us some perspective.  All this and more with Amy Guth!

Listen to the full conversation: