4-28-18 Full Show ‘Stache: Jon Hansen and Esmeralda Leon in for Matt Bubala

Esmeralda Leon and Jon Hansen (WGN Radio)

Jon Hansen and Esmeralda Leon fill in for Matt Bubala this weekend. The two talk about Roger Badesch’s infamous mustaches throughout the years. Listeners even text in pictures of themselves with mustaches! Throughout the show, we talk about the top things that are not worth the money. Leon and Hansen even get suggestions from listeners and producer Jess Raines shares some ideas. Later on, the gang talks about the history of ice cream trucks around the Chicago area and listeners reminisce on some of their favorite jingles.  Jon and  Esmeralda talk about the most demystified hygiene tips. At 4 a.m., Jonathan Swain joins the show in-studio.