The John Williams Show Full Podcast 04.20.18: Queer Eye star, sanctuary city ruling, Dermot Mulroney, Bright Side of Life

John Williams is Going to Make it After All

Joe Gallois is a comedian from Atlanta, who was made over on an episode of the Netflix reboot show, “Queer Eye.” He tells John about his experience on a reality show that revolved around his life for a week. Then, Chicago Law Department Head Ed Siskel explains how Mayor Rahm Emanuel won his case in the sanctuary city ruling. Actor Dermot Mulroney joins the show to share with John what some of his favorite roles have been in his 33 years in Hollywood. See him tonight at Northwestern University, alongside Stephen Colbert and many others! And, John catches up with Lou on his virtual candy jar; donate today! Finally, the John Williams Show tells you what activities you should check out this weekend, and asks you what’s making you smile on Bright Side of Life!