Roe Conn Full Show (4/20/18):The Canarble Wagon Rolls, Michael Steele, Mark McKinnon, Roeper Reviews and Live Music

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Roe Conn's Canarble Wagon. (Kristin Decker)

The Roe Conn Show w/Anna Davlantes for Friday, April 20th, 2018:

Former Chairman of the RNC Michael Steele talks about the implications of the DNC suing the RNC, President Trump’s campaign, and Russia over a 2016 email hack, “The Circus” co-host Mark McKinnon discusses his visit to the US Embassy in Moscow, WGN-TV’s Tom Skilling has warm weather news, Richard Roeper reviews “Super Troopers 2” & “I Feel Pretty,” the Top Five@5 has the best of the day’s audio, Point & Feather roll out the Canarble Wagon, and Chicago musician Phillip-Michael Scales debuts his new single “Lover Let Me Be.”

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