CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg: The Southwest Airlines incident is nothing new

In this Tuesday, April 17, 2018 frame from video, a National Transportation Safety Board investigator examines damage to the engine of the Southwest Airlines plane that made an emergency landing at Philadelphia International Airport in Philadelphia. A preliminary examination of the blown jet engine of the Southwest Airlines plane that set off a terrifying chain of events and left a businesswoman hanging half outside a shattered window showed evidence of "metal fatigue," according to the National Transportation Safety Board. (NTSB via AP)

CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg tells John the landing made by Southwest Airlines pilot Tammie Jo Shults is not an isolated incident for an airline. He reminds us of an incident of metal fatigue in 1988, that led to a fatality by the same cause as that which killed the passenger who almost got sucked out of her window Tuesday. And, he has one surprising tip for air travelers.