Political analyst Charles Lipson: “I think the next big question is whether the United States wants to do something that would provide a safe haven for the people in the country who would like to flee from these war zones”

WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 13: U.S. President Donald Trump makes remarks as he speaks to the nation, announcing military action against Syria for the recent apparent gas attack on its civilians, at the White House, on April 13, 2018, in Washington, DC. President Trump announced that a joint operation of "precision strikes" is underway in Syria with armed forces from the United Kingdom and France. (Photo by Mike Theiler - Pool/Getty Images)

Political analysts Charles Lipson, Dave Lundy and Chris Robling join Justin to talk about the U.S. (along with France and the U.K.) launching airstrikes in Syria in response to President Bashar Assad’s alleged use of chemical weapons against civilians.

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