What are the top high-end audio trends for 2018?

Bes Nievera, Justin Kaufmann and Liz Miller

Liz Miller, event director for AXPONA, and Bes Nievera , brand ambassador with Music Direct, join Justin to discuss AXPONA bringing the largest high-end audio show in North America to the Schaumburg Convention Center this Friday through Sunday. Liz talks about the growth and the success of this show, how the show attracts audiophiles, technology enthusiasts and music lovers, how they market and encourage the passive audio fan to come out to the expo and what she’s looking forward to most this weekend. Bes talk about his work at Music Direct, what the AXPONA expo means to him, the type of equipment that will be shown at AXPONA, the ongoing debate over the quality of streaming services and the importance that the regular audio consumer is not intimidated when trying to make a purchase.

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