Barbie vs Bratz: When your creativity is not your own as an employee

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Bratz Doll (Photo By: Ne Family Fun of Pixabay)

You may not be aware of this but employers actually consider you their property; even outside the conventional working hours. Meaning if you developed an idea that was profitable it is possible they would claim it as their own. Orly Lobel, author and professor of law at Don Weckstein at the University of San Diego breaks down the Barbie (Mattel) vs Bratz (MGA Entertainment) case. This case focused on the rights employees have when it comes to their ideas and outside work activities. Orly explains how companies put unrealistic limitation on employees and uses this case to illustrate this.

For more about the Barbie (Mattel) vs Bratz (MGA Entertainment) check out Orly’s book: You Don’t Owm Me: How Mattel V. Mga Entertainment Exposed Barbie’s Dark Side
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