The John Williams Show Full Podcast 04.06.18: Maine West Warriors, “Chappaquiddick,” the Dow Jones Industrial Average

King John Williams sports his CrownCam around the office.

John examines the re-examining of Maine West High School’s warrior mascot. You weigh in with your thoughts. Offensive or not? Plus, Juli Briskman was fired from her job for giving the middle finger to the president’s motorcade. She has been featured in the Washington Post with a first-person explanation of the situation and her lawsuit against her company. John asks you what’s up with that. Then, ABC News Entertainment Correspondent Jason Nathanson tells John about some of the new movies this weekend, including the Kennedy biography, “Chappaquiddick.” And John wants to know how President Trump’s threats of trade war are causing the sharp drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Finally, you tell us why you’re smiling today on the Bright Side of Life segment.