How to deal with your teen’s moodiness without losing it yourself

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Edward Cotton, right, director of the state Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS), is interviewed at a DYFS office in Trenton, N.J., as Dylan, a teen in the foster care system, listens, Tuesday, March 30, 2004. Cotton came across Dylan, whose last name is being withheld because of his age, when the teen ended up in a group care center. Cotton was struck by the 17-year-old's intelligence and good attitude despite the troubles the teen had experienced in his short life. Cotton offered to help andDylan asked for just one thing: a good foster family, which the DYFS director promised to find. (AP Photo/Daniel Hulshizer)

Bill and Wendy speak with Katie Smith, a regular contributor at Grown and  Katie has written a blog about dealing with her moody teens. She talks about knowing the difference between regular mood swings and when their behavior may be really concerning. She also talks about the importance of sleep, their eating habits, understanding your teen’s sensitivity to criticism, and much more.

Katie’s article: It’s Easy to Get Fed Up With Your Moody Teen. Do This Instead

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