“Happy 3:16” Episode 72, March 16, 2018

A podcast about the intersections of the worlds of professional wresting and presidential politics hosted by Chris Kelly and Brandon Wetherbee.

Happy 3:16The Donald: How Trump Turned Presidential Politics Into Pro Wrestling is now $3.16!

The Mueller investigation is looking into the Trump Organization. We did that in the book! The book is now $3.16!

Tillerson is out. As Goldberg said, who’s next!?
Fabulous Moolah is no longer part of WrestleMania. Hopefully Warrior will be next. Read “WWE is Whitewashing The Ultimate Warrior’s Bigoted Past” by Rob Rousseau. Listen to our interview with Rob.

According to Trump, Chuck Todd is a son of a bitch. According to Vince, Punk is a son of a bitch.
The Undertaker is dead. American Badass is coming.