Dance, Dance, Dancing The Night Away, “I am Abel”, White Sox Wednesday and Dr. Lars Dingman “The Itunes Psychic! | Full Show (March 7th)

Pretty Late with Patti Vasquez [photo: Michael Heidemann]

Tonight on Pretty Late we welcome our guest Lamenta “Sweetie” Conway who heads the amazing Chicago organization, “I AM ABEL“.  She alongside Dan Kotowiski (Child Serv) discuss the organizations found here in the city that work to help our youth. Then, we Dance, Dance, Dancing The Night Away with the team from Northwestern (Nichole and Sophia) and bring our White Sox expert (John Bolger) on alongside author, Adam Selzer to discuss the team and upcoming prospects.  And finally, Dr. Lars Dingman “The Itunes Psychic takes listener calls and reads into their future through the power of music!  All this and more!

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