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Blockbuster Blake on Oscar Sunday Predictions

Blockbuster Blake Stubbs and Dane Neal

Movie critic Blake Stubbs joins Dane Neal, who is in for Matt Bubala to talk about movie prediction winners this Sunday. Stubbs says this is a ‘”stressful time” for him because he wants to use every spare minute he has to see movies at reasonable prices or analyze nominees equally.

He thinks this year the Oscars will be a special one because Best Picture will be a tough category compared to previous years. It’s controversy because some debate that not enough women are nominated, or some categories are not treated the same. One example would be comedy is seen differently at the Academy Awards compared to other movie genres. Stubbs explains that the process of Oscar nominations is a long one. He says movies have to play in a certain number of theaters before it’s considered an eligible nominee for a movie. Stubbs says that lots of money is usually invested and there needs to be ample studio and marketing resources. Stubbs thinks a strong candidate for Best Editing this year’s award ceremonies will be Dunkirk.

Will you be watching the Oscars?