The goal of this blog: “To chase around town the sounds of Chicago, and to report back to readers with my experiences.”

Elif Geris has had a few dreams since childhood: to become a touring singer/songwriter, a known writer, a teacher, a radio show producer and professional concert-goer. At 25, she has accomplished a few of those. Elif’s entire youth existed on playing piano well, in practicing for recitals and competitions, and in listening to new music whenever she could. She wrote a personal narrative in high school that was all about her gratefulness for the piano, and she decided she’d fill more time actually writing. It was around then that she and a group of “DJ” friends wrote short stories each week that they’d read on their high school radio station, WLTL. She studied writing and communication in college – yada, yada – and now, she brings you this as an extra-curricular to her other passion, which is producing the John Williams Show.