Award-winning playwright Antoinette Nwandu: “The beauty of literature is we can take off our skin and go into the mind or the story of another character”

Playwright Antoinette Nwandu and Justin Kaufmann

New York-based playwright Antoinette Nwandu joins Justin to discuss her highly anticipated play, “Breach: a manifesto on race in america through the eyes of a black girl recovering from self-hate,” currently running at Victory Gardens Theater. Antoinette talks about how the title of the play is a bit tongue-in-cheek, her process of creating a piece of work, when she became interested in humor and comedy, why she decided to become a playwright, how the church influenced her desire to get involved in theater, why she entered the theater community through being a critic, the controversy surrounding her last play, “Pass Over,” her relationship with criticism and the pressure of following up a play that received so much attention.

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