The John Williams Show Full Podcast 02.12.18: New York sues Weinstein Company, Rob Porter, FRONTLINE and MS-13,

King John Williams sports his CrownCam around the office.

John catches up on the weekend in the 2018 Winter Olympics, discussing the questionable source Katie Couric used for remarks during the opening ceremony, and those made by fired NBC Olympics Analyst Joshua Cooper Ramo. Then, Chicago Auto Show Chairman John Hennessey tells you what to expect at this year’s show. ABC News Entertainment Correspondent Jason Nathanson explains why New York state is suing the Weinstein Company. Chicago Tribune Columnist Heidi Stevens describes the connection that she says ought to be made between personal life and work life, after Trump aide Rob Porter was found to have been physically abusing his wife. Finally, FRONTLINE documentary “The Gang Crackdown” is the story of the MS-13 that Trump referred to in his State of the Union address. Director Marcela Gaviria joins the show to dissect before it airs tomorrow at 10 on WTTW.