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No Coast Cinema Ep. 30 | Michael Glover Smith, “Mercury In Retrograde”

Filmmaker Michael Glover Smith

This week on No Coast Cinema, Tom and Conor sit down with the wickedly talented filmmaker, critic and film teacher Michael Glover Smith.

His latest film, “Mercury In Retrograde”, tells the story of three Chicago couples in different stages of their relationships that head out to the Michigan woods for a weekend getaway. During the trip, the couples begin to examine their respective relationships and reveal parts of their personalities they’ve kept secret from one another.

Smith talks about the production of the film, including his experience as the film’s writer, director and producer. He also discusses his time away from filmmaking and his adjustment to the digital era.

“Mercury In Retrograde” will have a limited engagement at the Gene Siskel Film Center starting February 16th. You can find tickets and more information here.

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