The John Williams Show Full Podcast 02.08.18: The homeless sue Chicago, chain migration, Arthur Murray dance competition, Winter weather, Jeanne Ives ad

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A homeless couple is suing the city for destroying their personal belongings. Their lawyer, Kate Schwartz, joins the show to discuss the ways in which the city might have abused its rights. Then, American Immigration Council Director of Research Guillermo Cantor responds to President Trump’s definition of “chain migration,” and to Jessica Vaughan’s of the Center for Immigration Studies. Amy Kite pops into the show to match donations to John’s Arthur Murray dance competition, and gets him to 114% of his goal by the end of the show! Plus, Tom Skilling gives John a detailed forecast of the approaching winter storm. Finally, the attorney and transgender woman who inspired a character in Jeanne Ives’ controversial ad tells her story.

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