“Ethical hacker” Jason Glassberg: How to avoid identity theft and refund fraud during tax season

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This screen grab from the Internal Revenue Service website shows a sample W-2 form. Employers are being tricked into sending detailed employee tax information to scammers as part of an emerging tax fraud campaign. Two prominent technology firms, Seagate Technologies and Snapchat, are among recent victims. (IRS via AP)

Bill and Wendy speak to ‘ethical hacker’ Jason Glassberg. Jason is the co-founder of Casaba Security and an ‘ethical hacker’ who is hired by companies to try to hack into their networks to prevent real attacks. Jason talks about why the 2017 filing season could be the worst yet for a tax-related crime.  He also explains the various tax scams that will target consumers this time of year, plus tips on how to protect yourself.


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