The John Williams Show Full Podcast 02.06.18: Blagojevich and Pritzker on race, Beach Bunny band, stock markets, and Matt Damon, John Mahoney

The Chicago Tribune released more audio of conversations between the imprisoned Rod Blagojevich and gubernatorial candidate JB Pritzker. Political Reporter Rick Pearson tells John what’s most revealing about those clips. Then, “The Download” host Justin Kaufmann tells John about Beach Bunny, the band he featured in yesterday’s “Studio 435.” Bob Westrick again joins twice to analyze the stock markets’ volatility. Plus, Brand and Marketing Director Melanie Mendrys explains to John how the purchase of one Stella Artois chalice can help developing countries get water quicker. Finally, Nick Digilio joins the show to talk about his favorite encounter with the late “Frasier” actor John Mahoney.