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Live blog: Super Bowl LII – Patriots vs. Eagles

We’re live blogging Super Bowl LII – New England Patriots vs. Philadelphia Eagles.

trafficjamjen February 4, 20184:50 PM

It’s almost time for the opening act to the Justin Timberlake concert!!

imkingjohn February 4, 20184:54 PM

Chicken chili.  Ham/cheese sliders.  Manhattans/beer/wine.  Veggies and dip.  

You asked what I’m eating, right?  Oh, and those Smokehouse Blue Diamond almonds.

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20185:02 PM

Singletary, Namath, Brady, Staubach, Allen and…Foles. LOL.

trafficjamjen February 4, 20185:04 PM

I think that @peterzimmermanwgnam is already talking sports ball.

imkingjohn February 4, 20185:07 PM

That’s it.  I’m switching over to Mass Mutual.  Good ad.

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20185:11 PM

Patriots and Brady coming out of the locker to “Crazy Train.” Seems about right.

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20185:15 PM

Wait, NBC has the Olympics?!!

trafficjamjen February 4, 20185:15 PM

Lots of people here, so the spread is wide…

Hot Dogs, Chili, Veggies, Pierogis, Brownies…

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20185:15 PM


Joe Romano February 4, 20185:17 PM

J.J. Watt is such a beast

trafficjamjen February 4, 20185:18 PM

Hey! It’s Britt and Jarrett!! <3 #WGNFamily

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20185:19 PM

“Whoops, better take my gum out.”

Joe Romano February 4, 20185:20 PM

Blonde hair. 0-1 on the prop bets so far.

trafficjamjen February 4, 20185:21 PM

I do the same thing as #Pink with my gum before I give a newscast.

Joe Romano February 4, 20185:22 PM

That was awesome! I heard she was sick yesterday too.

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20185:24 PM

Adam Hoge February 4, 20185:25 PM

My view from inside U.S. Bank Stadium. That was an unbelievable anthem from Pink! 

trafficjamjen February 4, 20185:26 PM

We’re playing #SuperBowl Bingo…with M&M’s and Sixlets…and I am going to lose because I am going to eat my whole card.

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20185:27 PM

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20185:31 PM

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20185:32 PM

Never forget: 

Joe Romano February 4, 20185:34 PM

Clearly the best dressed Hall Of Famer

trafficjamjen February 4, 20185:35 PM

What kind of music is this? I don’t recognize what this opening band is playing. #JTConcert

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20185:38 PM

Nice drive going here for the Igles.

Joe Romano February 4, 20185:40 PM

I didn’t know Bradley Cooper was actually an Eagles fan. I thought he just played with in Silver Linings Playbook

trafficjamjen February 4, 20185:40 PM

I think I just fell in love with Tom Brady. #PitBullMom

imkingjohn February 4, 20185:42 PM

La Grange kicker gets first points!!!!

trafficjamjen February 4, 20185:44 PM

First commercial and I am already crying. #Toyota #1in1

Joe Romano February 4, 20185:44 PM

I knew Urlacher would make it the Super Bowl one day

imkingjohn February 4, 20185:44 PM

Sprint ad. Good.

mattbubalawgn February 4, 20185:47 PM

Just got to a Super Bowl party at a conference in Orlando. Think we’re already down $30.  Never go tails on the coin flip!!!

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20185:52 PM

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20185:53 PM

Nice drive by the Pats to answer the Igles

Joe Romano February 4, 20185:54 PM

So done with the Dilly Dilly commercials

mattbubalawgn February 4, 20185:55 PM

John are you really serving soup during this?

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20185:55 PM

Yeah, nothing like a “To Be Continued” Dilly Dilly Bud Light ad.

imkingjohn February 4, 20185:58 PM

Dilly dilly works for me.  And soup got subbed for chili. 

These are two good teams playing really well.  They look like the Bears NOT AT ALL

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20185:58 PM

Great pass by Foles to Jeffery!

Joe Romano February 4, 20185:59 PM

Good catch too!

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20185:59 PM

LOL. Missed PAT. 

imkingjohn February 4, 20186:00 PM

So one more time. Tell me why people make fun of Foles?

trafficjamjen February 4, 20186:01 PM

Well played, Dodge Ram. Well played.

imkingjohn February 4, 20186:02 PM

Ram Trucks winning?

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20186:09 PM

FIY: LeGarrette Blount is related to the legendary jazz musician Sun Ra.

trafficjamjen February 4, 20186:10 PM

BREAKING: People are outraged that Pink removed (not gum) her coughdrop.

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20186:11 PM

Skier with prosthetic leg > The Rock with a prosthetic leg

Joe Romano February 4, 20186:12 PM

Duuuuude! Brandon Cooks got up on that play.

trafficjamjen February 4, 20186:12 PM

Neve Campbell in her first appearance since Scream. Hasn’t aged a day.

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20186:12 PM

Bad day for kickers so far.

Joe Romano February 4, 20186:13 PM

#BearsSpecialTeams… Right, Pete?

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20186:13 PM

Hahaha. Right, Joe!

trafficjamjen February 4, 20186:14 PM

Laces Out!

Joe Romano February 4, 20186:15 PM

Good call, Jen!

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20186:18 PM

imkingjohn February 4, 20186:20 PM

Bud Light ad scores.

imkingjohn February 4, 20186:20 PM

And that hit is why we love – and should not – the NFL

trafficjamjen February 4, 20186:24 PM

12 Minutes until our concert, guys!

Joe Romano February 4, 20186:25 PM

Brady is human. At least for one play.

trafficjamjen February 4, 20186:25 PM

Way to (not) hustle, Tom.

Joe Romano February 4, 20186:28 PM

mattbubalawgn February 4, 20186:29 PM

Someone better tell Tom that time might be winning after all.

trafficjamjen February 4, 20186:30 PM

Weather Tech just made me win #SuperBowlBingo.

I got socks. #ThingsThatReallyMatter

Joe Romano February 4, 20186:30 PM

Another great throw

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20186:31 PM

Another great catch by Alshon.

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20186:31 PM

This would be a good time for Al and Chris to mention that Blount is related to Sun Ra.

Joe Romano February 4, 20186:33 PM

Blount led the league in rushing TDs last year while playing for New England.

trafficjamjen February 4, 20186:34 PM

STOP! Grab a glass of water for your next drink.

Stay safe…

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20186:37 PM

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20186:39 PM

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20186:45 PM

See, told you that Jeffery guy stinks.

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20186:47 PM

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20186:51 PM

Joe Romano February 4, 20186:51 PM

Mills is the corner that Brady is going to pick on.

trafficjamjen February 4, 20186:51 PM

Update…people are outraged about using MLK for Dodge Ram commercials don’t seem to be the same people outraged by Pink’s removal of a coughdrop.

Via Twitter

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20186:52 PM

Fantastic drive after that INT. Outstanding TD run by White.

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20186:52 PM


imkingjohn February 4, 20186:53 PM

Feeling good about the 10-grand I put on 3 missed kicks in first half.

imkingjohn February 4, 20186:56 PM scores.

imkingjohn February 4, 20186:57 PM

Crap, V. I saw that ad, was moved.  And I missed the controversy

mattbubalawgn February 4, 20186:57 PM

Commercial update from way back – Tyrion’s Doritos commercial got a cheer from this room of 500 people.

Joe Romano February 4, 20186:58 PM

Outstanding run after catch

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20187:02 PM

Joe Romano February 4, 20187:03 PM

Wow. Gutsy call.

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20187:03 PM

What a great play by the Eagles. Great call and execution.

trafficjamjen February 4, 20187:05 PM

I am psychic at my party because our provider is delayed about a minute behind you guys. I called a good play by the Eagles.

Thank you Zimm.

imkingjohn February 4, 20187:08 PM

THIS is a show. Two best teams.  Exciting, odd plays.  A concert and 2nd half still to come.  U-S-A!

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20187:09 PM

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20187:11 PM

Eagles coach Doug Pederson looks like he also teaches Drivers Ed. 

Joe Romano February 4, 20187:14 PM

I wonder if Alshon subs for him to teach how to pump gas.

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20187:19 PM

trafficjamjen February 4, 20187:22 PM

Here we GO! #JTConcert2018

trafficjamjen February 4, 20187:24 PM

Sexy never left, JT. #BringingSexyBack

Joe Romano February 4, 20187:25 PM


imkingjohn February 4, 20187:25 PM

This is fun – it’s fine.  But it’s just that so far.

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20187:25 PM

It’s gotta be the shoes.

Joe Romano February 4, 20187:26 PM

I agree, John. Need a left shark appearance. 

Joe Romano February 4, 20187:28 PM

trafficjamjen February 4, 20187:29 PM

Every single one of those band members is getting lucky tonight…

“Oh, you played with JT!?!?”
peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20187:29 PM

“Where’s Joey Fatone?”

imkingjohn February 4, 20187:29 PM


trafficjamjen February 4, 20187:30 PM

YASSSSSSSSSS! #AllPurpleEverything

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20187:30 PM

Is JT wearing the camouflage suit because he’s in Minnesota?

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20187:32 PM

I wish they just would have replayed the entire Prince SB show.

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20187:32 PM

And a Replacements hologram.

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20187:35 PM

I always get annoyed that JT, on top of being a marvelous entertainer, is also a great golfer. Show off.

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20187:35 PM

mattbubalawgn February 4, 20187:37 PM

I agree with John, that was fun, but nothing we’ll be talking about next year.

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20187:38 PM

Brief perusal of Twitter: Some people loved it. Some people didn’t.

imkingjohn February 4, 20187:39 PM

JT didn’t share the show with another star – except Prince.  Having just moved from there I can tell you MN will talk about that scene forever.  It played well at my place.

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20187:40 PM

trafficjamjen February 4, 20187:42 PM

Time for more brownies.

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20187:46 PM

That entire drive looked easy for the Pats.

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20187:49 PM

Yes, we know that Budweiser is like drinking water.

trafficjamjen February 4, 20187:51 PM

All these beer commercials…time for a PSA…

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20187:52 PM

trafficjamjen February 4, 20187:59 PM

Predictions guys…

I say Patriots 31, Eagles 29

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20188:02 PM

The call stands. A catch is a catch?

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20188:03 PM

Eagles up 10 points with just over 7 minutes left in the 3rdQ

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20188:05 PM

Been waiting all game for the Semisonic bumper music.

trafficjamjen February 4, 20188:05 PM

Annnnnddddd…NVM that prediction

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20188:06 PM

trafficjamjen February 4, 20188:07 PM

Kid, Justin Timberlake makes your mom do this:

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20188:08 PM

imkingjohn February 4, 20188:10 PM

Big fan of Chris Collins.  But here in America, that was a TD.

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20188:10 PM

Been remiss in giving some love to Texas Tech Red Raider Danny Amendola.

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20188:14 PM

So there is the sexiest man alive and some other singer.

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20188:17 PM

imkingjohn February 4, 20188:17 PM

More passes to QB’s in this game that punts. Love that stat.

mattbubalawgn February 4, 20188:23 PM

Biggest ovation of the night here was for Eli and Odell.

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20188:23 PM

Best performance by the Giants all year.

imkingjohn February 4, 20188:23 PM

Still.  Not a big year for Super Bowl ads. Right?

imkingjohn February 4, 20188:25 PM

Field goal….Goood!

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20188:26 PM

Suck it, Matt Bahr.

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20188:28 PM

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20188:31 PM

trafficjamjen February 4, 20188:31 PM

We have the adults party upstairs, and the kids party downstairs.

One of the kids is streaking.

We are doing this wrong.

imkingjohn February 4, 20188:32 PM

Glad to hear it wasn’t me.  Black out in 2nd quarter was on NBC.

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20188:42 PM

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20188:46 PM

What a gutsy call by the Igles. Nice conversion Foles to Ertz.

imkingjohn February 4, 20188:50 PM

This is SO playing into the NE playbook. Eagles score. Take lead.  Couple minutes left.  You know…

mattbubalawgn February 4, 20188:52 PM

Now they slow it down and play for the field goal.  Will too conservative cost them with a missed kick to end the game?

imkingjohn February 4, 20188:52 PM

Hyundai cancer ad.  Nice try, but mostly those people just want to find their seats.

imkingjohn February 4, 20188:54 PM

I love the slow the clock, kick a FG to win it.  RUN. THE. CLOCK

trafficjamjen February 4, 20188:57 PM


imkingjohn February 4, 20188:58 PM

This is no complicated. THAT IS A TD.  Collins is drinking Tom Collins.

imkingjohn February 4, 20188:58 PM

If they overturn this I’m moving to Canada.

mattbubalawgn February 4, 20188:59 PM

Agreed.  And Dear NFL, when your best announcer can’t get a grasp of your stupid rules, you need to fix them.

imkingjohn February 4, 20188:59 PM

All is right in America

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20189:07 PM

Brady about to join Elway and Tarkenten as a 3 x Super Bowl loser?

mattbubalawgn February 4, 20189:08 PM

Shouldn’t we all just donate some money so people can all have clean water?  Buying Stella chalices to get poor countries clean water is weird.

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20189:08 PM

imkingjohn February 4, 20189:10 PM

Buying water from Stella. And the kid from LT seals the Super Bowl!!!!

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20189:12 PM

Now I wish the post-game moved to NBC Sports Network and we get right to “This is Us.” Could use a good cry.

imkingjohn February 4, 20189:18 PM

Best game I’ve seen in a while.

Now put on the show about the crock pot.

Good night everybody!  Thanks for writing and reading!

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20189:18 PM

Gronk right now: “Uh, did we win?”

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20189:20 PM

peterzimmermanwgnam February 4, 20189:22 PM