Roe Conn Full Show(2/2/18): Live Music Friday, the Top Five@5, and Tom Skilling talks of snow

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The Roe Conn Show for Friday, February 2nd, 2018:

Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele looks at Rep. Nunes classified memo, Westwood in Dallas’s Susan Schmidt breaks down the worst week on Wall Street in 2 years, WGN-TV’s Tom Skilling forecasts snow for the foreseeable future, former federal prosecutor Pat Brady explains the FISA process, the Top Five@5 features Hellen Miren obliterating James Corden in a rap battle, Mott Street rolls out the Canarble Wagon, and 18 year old singer-songwriter from Chicago, IL Michael McInerney salutes the weekend with his unique style- blending a mix of blues, folk, rock, a little bit of country, and everything in between.

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