The John Williams Show Full Podcast 01.29.18: “Fire & Fury” takes 2018 Grammys, State of the Union, Super Bowl LII, sponsored followers

King John Williams sports his CrownCam around the office.

Last night’s Grammys addressed #TimesUp, DACA and the continuing rivalry between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. John asks you if you found those political addresses tasteful. Then, he wonders if you’ll be watching tomorrow’s State of the Union address, featuring President Trump. You call and text in with your feelings on the significance of the State of the Union. Mark Carman tells John about the scene on Radio Row in Minnesota’s Mall of America, as he prepares for a long week in Super Bowl LII media. Finally, New York Times Political Correspondent Nicholas Confessore explains to John what he and his co-writers of “The Follower Factory” found, and what those findings indicate about paid-for social media followers.