The Great American Bash “Jake the Snake Roberts is Donald Trump’s Favorite Wrestler” Episode 9, August 26, 2016 

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A podcast about the intersections of the worlds of professional wresting and presidential politics hosted by Chris Kelly and Brandon Wetherbee.

We open with Jake “The Snake” Roberts’ run-in with a former Mrs. Trump. See Jake on Friday, August 26 at Baltimore Soundstage.

Will the Trump Network cost $9.99?

The Melania defamation suit follows a proud tradition of Trump and wrestling lawsuits.

Trump’s version of inner cities sounds a lot like the “WarZone” idea of cities.

Remember Cryme Tyme?

Nigel Farage = Eric Bischoff

What’s in Julian Assange’s lock box? Will it bring down Hillary? What was in Shane McMahon’s lock box? Would it have brought down Vince?

We spend less than 16 minutes recapping the 16 hours of WWE programming since our last episode.

In Blue States, we still root for AJ Styles. In Red States, kids are part of Cena Nation.

Finn Bálor = Jeb Bush

Carmella = Ted Cruz

“Talking Smack” is must-see TV.

The Miz = Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump Campaign CEO Steve Bannon = Stone Cold Steve Austin

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