Saturday Night Special 1.27.18 | Oscars and the Film Industry

Amy Guth and Pat McDonald from Hollywood Chicago

This week on the Saturday Night Special with Amy Guth, we take a look at the 90th annual Academy Awards, the shifting nature of the film industry in the era of #MeToo and looking at the future for the next generation of filmmakers.

Amy talks with producer and No Coast Cinema host Tom Hush about the Oscars in historical context and how our collective tastes in film can shift over time.

Pat McDonald of Hollywood Chicago stops by to give you his Oscar picks for who will who should win and who got snubbed.

A.V. Club News Editor Katie Rife is on the phone to look back at the state of Hollywood post Weinstein and discuss the fight against pay disparity between men and women in film.

Finally, Northwestern professor Aymar Jean Christian talks with Amy about Open TV a platform for indie arts, LGBTQ artists and artists of color. He discusses his book on the future of online platforms as a medium for artists and the importance of representation in film and television.