NFL Rejects AMVETS ‘Please Stand’ Super Bowl Ad Due to it’s “Political Message” While Kneeling During the Anthem Continues

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AMVETS National Commander Joseph Lipowski (C) Korean and Vietnam War veteran Ira Jett (R) and Ruth Krawczyk (L), wife of a Pearl Harbor survivor, observe a moment of silence during a ceremony after the wreath laying December 7, 2001 at the Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, VA. The ceremony commemorates the 60th anniversary of the bombing of the Pearl Harbor in December 7, 1941. (Photo by Manny Ceneta/Getty Images)

Dave and the late night crew discuss the NFL’s decision to pull Amvet’s Super Bowl ad that urged players and people who attend the game to stand during the national anthem, according to American Veterans, the organization that submitted the ad, deeming the ad too political, citing a double standard.
How is kneeling during the National Anthem, not political? 
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