Live blog: 2018 Grammy Awards

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We’re live blogging the 2018 Grammy Awards.

Michael Heidemann January 28, 20186:46 PM

Hey Everyone!  Michael Heidemann from Sound Sessions and producer of Pretty Late with Patti Vasquez here.  Wow, the Grammy’s are off to a great start! 

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20186:46 PM

I love everything about what I’m seeing on this stage. That angelic piano beautifully complements her princess layered dress. And her hair is nothing short of pure elegance. Lovely way to begin the music awards show of the year.

Michael Heidemann January 28, 20186:48 PM

Kendrick takes it!  He’s going to have a huge night tonight — Also…Loved the double thumbs up from Tony Bennett. 

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20186:48 PM

What an honor to be recognized for this award with the help of Tony Bennett’s presence. Go Kendrick/Rihanna!

Jerry Nunn January 28, 20186:51 PM

Lady Gaga gave an emotional performance of “Joanne” that would make her Little Monsters proud, rah rah!

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20186:53 PM

Way to go, Jay-Z, on that Industry Icon award. He’s up for Record of the Year, for an albeit vulgarly written song, pulling no punches. Ok, James, quite enough indeed. 

Michael Heidemann January 28, 20186:57 PM

Sam Smith singing those smooth notes as always.  Loved that song! 

Jerry Nunn January 28, 20186:57 PM

I love that it’s the gayest Grammys already with Sam Smith now in the spotlight. He better “Pray” for some more radio play to sell out his show at the United Center in August!

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20186:58 PM

I’m relishing in the incorporation of piano from the beginning. So far, the white theme for #TimesUp in the performances has a ubiquitous role. 

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20186:59 PM

Butterflies?! SZA!

Michael Heidemann January 28, 20186:59 PM

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20187:01 PM

Rats, I was wrong. But, anyone who says, “I don’t have to win Grammys in my shower anymore” has my vote. Plus, Alessia Cara has the pipes. 

Jerry Nunn January 28, 20187:04 PM

Alessia Cara is back to wearing makeup apparently…

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20187:05 PM

Hmm. Does anyone else see the irony in Joy Villa’s outfit? 

Jerry Nunn January 28, 20187:07 PM

I interviewed Karen Fairchild from Little Big Town for her clothing line at Macy’s recently and we talked about the gay bars in Nashville, yeehaw!

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20187:08 PM

One thing I have never understood about the Country genre. Where is the lyrical creativity? “I wish you were a better man/I wish you were a better man/…” You know where I’m going with this. #TaylorWrites

Jerry Nunn January 28, 20187:10 PM

There are so many pre-show awards I can’t keep up, may the force be with me!

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20187:10 PM

Jerry, what do you think of tonight’s fashions? So far, my favorites are Rihanna and Gaga. 

Michael Heidemann January 28, 20187:12 PM

Jon Baptiste is such a talented artist. One of the best piano players in the industry today and very under-rated.  Great performance. 

imkingjohn January 28, 20187:14 PM

Hey this is Griffin, finally here. Hope I haven’t missed too much

Michael Heidemann January 28, 20187:14 PM

Quick Prediction: Lady Gaga wins it 

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20187:15 PM

I remember writing a report on rock n’ roll in the 8th grade. Had a great time discovering Chuck Berry’s style and hearing his instrumental voice in today’s rock n’ roll progressions. 

Michael Heidemann January 28, 20187:15 PM

Dang it! It was those two that were the front runners (For Pop Song) — I don’t listen to a lot of his music (Ed Sheeran) but, can’t deny his song writing.  

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20187:16 PM

ED! Come on, ED!

Jerry Nunn January 28, 20187:16 PM

Elif, I thought Cardi B’s dress was unique and a stand out. The makeup is flawless!

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20187:17 PM

Jerry: Cardi B masters the au naturale look. 

Jerry Nunn January 28, 20187:19 PM

Cardi B was quoted as having butterflies in her stomach and her vagina!

Jerry Nunn January 28, 20187:22 PM

Sarah always kills it and her hair looked fabulous!

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20187:22 PM

Maybe she’s stored them away to release them from…within…if she wins.

Michael Heidemann January 28, 20187:24 PM

Oh my gosh…. This song again… (Despacito will probably win for song of the year) However, it’s slowly turning into Mambo #5 with the amount of times it’s been played over the last year.

imkingjohn January 28, 20187:25 PM

Can never tell what’s best for an awards show like this, having artists trot out the actual biggest hits of the year or doing new material they’re more excited about. Daddy Yankee and Fonsi are good, this song is maybe the biggest story of the year in pop, but they could sleepwalk through performing it at this point. 

Jerry Nunn January 28, 20187:25 PM

So where was Justin during “Despacito?” Has he still not learned the words yet?

Michael Heidemann January 28, 20187:26 PM

Childish Gambino!!!  Who’d have thought the Donald Glover from “Community” would have this kind of artistry inside of him?  Really enjoyed this album — 

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20187:26 PM

Although I’m sometimes tired of hearing “Despacito,” it’s nice to also give the background of that song a chance by reading something like this a chance:

Luis Fonsi Tells the Story Behind ‘Despacito,’ the Global Smash That’s Up for Three Grammy Awards

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20187:27 PM

Griffie – agreed. 

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20187:28 PM

I already love the eerie quality of this song (Childish Gambino). 

imkingjohn January 28, 20187:29 PM

I’m mystified by the Grammys attention this Gambino album has gotten. He’s so undeniably talented as a rapper, it’s strange that the album where he sidelined that aspect of his music is the one that blows up like this. But it’s a welcome presence at this show.

Jerry Nunn January 28, 20187:30 PM

Childish Bambino mimics Maxwell even down to the hip swaying dance moves…

imkingjohn January 28, 20187:31 PM

Loved that performance by the way

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20187:32 PM

Yes, this performance is an example of the something fresh the Grammys typically presents alongside those fan favorites, i.e., “Despacito.” Glover’s white suit emphasized his already illuminate vocals.

imkingjohn January 28, 20187:37 PM

I think Jay Z wins this

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20187:37 PM

My piano teacher mom who works herself to the bone should be entered for this award next year!

imkingjohn January 28, 20187:39 PM

Well this is the right answer. The level Kendrick has been working at for the last five years is pretty insane

Michael Heidemann January 28, 20187:40 PM

The Grammys will be making up for overlooking Kendrick in the past. Everything he has put out over the last few years has been top notch.  Extremely well deserved… This is Kendrick’s year 

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20187:41 PM

Kendrick, a voice of Chicago. Go, Kendrick. 

imkingjohn January 28, 20187:47 PM

Pink is cool, I really like her, but ballads like that all sound the same if you’re not already acquainted with the song. Ah well

Jerry Nunn January 28, 20187:47 PM

I was so looking forward to P!nk until she showed up looking like she just got off her living room couch and sang my least favorite song on the album. My wild heart got broken!

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20187:49 PM

Jerry, I second your living room couch comment. This is her moment to shine and she shows up to the stage in jeans and a t-shirt!

imkingjohn January 28, 20187:52 PM

This bit is fun but it should also be over by now!

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20187:52 PM

I like Sting’s presence in the comedy realm. 

Jerry Nunn January 28, 20187:52 PM

Every time I hear that Sting and Shaggy collaboration I look like one of those people on the train…(shakes head)

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20187:54 PM

I also love the British presence James Corden is bringing tonight 

Jerry Nunn January 28, 20187:55 PM

I like Katie Holmes’ look, but it ages her a bit with the hairstyle

imkingjohn January 28, 20187:56 PM

Bruno Mars is built for awards show performances. So fun

imkingjohn January 28, 20187:57 PM

I don’t think they usually present the comedy category on tv, do they?

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20187:58 PM

And he has one of the most beautiful vocals out there, alongside those visuals and smooth sampling. 

Jerry Nunn January 28, 20187:58 PM

I love the way Bruno Mars plays with genre and time periods. He’s drippin’ with “Finesse.”

imkingjohn January 28, 20187:59 PM

I’ve been such a huge Dave Chappelle fan. These specials were tough to watch at times though.

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20188:00 PM

Good on the Academy. This was right. 

imkingjohn January 28, 20188:02 PM

So I guess Sting and Shaggy are best friends now?

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20188:02 PM

Ok — this is my absolute favorite Sting song. I am beyond excitement that I get to hear this from the Grammys stage. 

imkingjohn January 28, 20188:13 PM

Heeeeeere we go

imkingjohn January 28, 20188:15 PM

Rihanna is magnetic on stage. A little silly that she has to share the stage but this song still goes

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20188:16 PM

The Spanish guitar combined with Rihanna’s vocals, combined with these Xanadu lights, highlight classic sounds to a 2018 Grammys stage. 

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20188:17 PM

Wishing I had the coordination to emulate those moves. 

Jerry Nunn January 28, 20188:18 PM

DJ Khaled gave the worst cameo I have ever seen in Pitch Perfect 3 recently but I liked the stage set up and Rihanna’s wild moves!

imkingjohn January 28, 20188:19 PM

There’s still soooooo much of this show left

Michael Heidemann January 28, 20188:19 PM

DJ Khaled is making the most of his moment and I love him for that… Although I agree with you Jerry about the Pitch Perfect cameo… Gah…

Jerry Nunn January 28, 20188:20 PM

I liked Rita Ora’s look and she was sweet to me in a past interview, but wardrobe malfunctions should be save until next Sunday at the Super Bowl!

imkingjohn January 28, 20188:23 PM

Chris Stapleton rules

Jerry Nunn January 28, 20188:23 PM

Come on through purple boots, Hailee is a sweetie in person!

Jerry Nunn January 28, 20188:33 PM

Osbourne Brother is off key, Eric Church is on different notes, and there are sound problems suddenly for a bad rendition of “Tears in Heaven.” Did they not rehearse?

imkingjohn January 28, 20188:34 PM

Yeah that was rough. Even if it had sounded better, seemed a little half-baked as the tribute to that horrible shooting. Too bad

Jerry Nunn January 28, 20188:37 PM

I want to wear this suit, maybe in a bigger size…

imkingjohn January 28, 20188:38 PM

So thrilled to see Kesha here tonight

imkingjohn January 28, 20188:41 PM

Her experience with Dr. Luke (super-producer/predator), and the ensuing legal troubles with her label that lead to her being silenced for so long, were heartbreaking. This is fantastic

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20188:42 PM

I’m glad to see Kesha performing and representing the Time’s Up movement. Has always been appropriate but now the public can see its power more than ever. 

Jerry Nunn January 28, 20188:43 PM

Okay I just flew somewhere over the gay Rainbow! I have am a fan and have interviewed everyone onstage except Kesha herself but that will happen. I think the other singers should have gotten solos considering the talent though, not just backup vocals.

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20188:46 PM

I’m thinking about the 39-year-old father who was deported because he simply didn’t make the cut for DACA. It’s cool to hear these young voices addressing political unrest, at a time that’s hindered so many from pursuing the American Dream. 

Jerry Nunn January 28, 20188:49 PM

Leave it to U2 to take us outside under the Statue of Liberty. The had the best concert I went to last year at Soldier Field. They know how to mix political statements in their performance while still being entertaining.

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20188:51 PM

It’s just plain cool to see U2 use its celebrity clout to represent Dreamers, and in one of U.S. history’s most important landmarks. 

imkingjohn January 28, 20188:58 PM

Song of the year is such a strange category this year. Didn’t understand any of those nominees. But again, I love Bruno

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20188:58 PM

Bruuuno Bruuuno

Jerry Nunn January 28, 20188:59 PM

One of Bruno’s band members doesn’t want to catch the flu like everyone else!

Jerry Nunn January 28, 20189:00 PM

Cher is there!

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20189:01 PM

This bit is wonderful. 

Jerry Nunn January 28, 20189:02 PM

I keep rewinding the book bit because it is so funny. They went in on Trump. Cardi B questions “Is this how he lives his life?”

imkingjohn January 28, 20189:03 PM

Cardi was great. Pretty wild to watch Hilary read from that damn book on tv

Jerry Nunn January 28, 20189:03 PM

And that book reveal of Hilary…

imkingjohn January 28, 20189:05 PM

I don’t really understand why this duet is happening but I kinda love it

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20189:05 PM

This combination of Miley and Elton is – put your seat belts on – freaking genius. 

Jerry Nunn January 28, 20189:05 PM

Worst look of the night in a Balmain pantsuit

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20189:06 PM

I loved Anna Kendrick’s outfit! Just maybe not the baby pink pumps. 

Jerry Nunn January 28, 20189:08 PM

Elif, I will take Miley’s old lady ballgown way before Kendrick’s bad combo. I still can’t forgive her for Pitch Perfect 3 either.

Jerry Nunn January 28, 20189:11 PM

Is Elton really retiring or will it be Cher repeat farewell tour?

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20189:13 PM

The implementation of his sweet parents was awesome. 

Jerry Nunn January 28, 20189:15 PM

It’s weird that I heard Kristen Chenoweth tell that exact same joke about her parents ditching her to go to Hamilton at her show recently.

Jerry Nunn January 28, 20189:16 PM

Well, that Ben Platt version of “Somewhere” was definitely his own…

imkingjohn January 28, 20189:16 PM

Love when Broadway breaks things up for a few minutes. People that really know how to put on a show

Jerry Nunn January 28, 20189:18 PM

I just clutched my pearls. Just when the Grammys can’t get gayer Patti LuPone fakes being on an Argentinian balcony for Evita. Is Madonna coming next?

Jerry Nunn January 28, 20189:21 PM

I feel like I’m at the Tonys now with all this Broadway on the stage. Buckle up five weeks from today and it’s Oscar time!

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20189:22 PM

Jerry, we must be twinning today because I’m clutching my pearls, too. This Patti Lupone takes me back to simpler times. Though it’s in English and from the ’70s, I picture myself a part of the elite in France, listening to opera among my people. 

Jerry Nunn January 28, 20189:24 PM

Elif, did you see people had the nerve to not stand for the queen after her performance? I’m surprised she didn’t call them out for it like that cell phone years ago…

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20189:28 PM

Oh, no, I didn’t notice. That’s awesome, though, that she broke character to command back the room. 

Michael Heidemann January 28, 20189:30 PM

SZA is doing so many good things this year — Enjoying the stage effects to compliment a great song. 

Jerry Nunn January 28, 20189:32 PM

Is that Chaka Khan or SZA?

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20189:33 PM

SZA is bringing it. She has amazing stage presence, and such vocal diversity, creativity. 

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20189:36 PM

The minimal make up and conservative, but sometimes risky ensemble on Alicia Keys has her looking dynamite. 

Michael Heidemann January 28, 20189:36 PM

Album of the year….?  Who do you think will win it? 

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20189:37 PM

Well, I was on Childish Gambino’s team, but I’ll take Bruno any day, too. 

Jerry Nunn January 28, 20189:39 PM

Despacito had the most radio play. I’m happy for Bruno, but lose the shades and the beard…

Michael Heidemann January 28, 20189:39 PM

There’s always so many elements layered with the voting of these awards… Bruno consistently sells millions of albums and digital sales…And let’s be honest.. He writes amazing, upbeat music! I think Kendrick will take the Album of the year though ~ but now I see it’ll be an uphill climb against Bruno 

imkingjohn January 28, 20189:43 PM

The winners hardly matter to me, because the nominees are so odd. I wish it was easier to understand how they narrow down to five. I’m endlessly frustrated by this awards show

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20189:44 PM

That was a lame joke. 

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20189:45 PM

I don’t understand it either but I haven’t understood it in years, Griffin. 

Jerry Nunn January 28, 20189:48 PM

See? I can immediately tell that Chris and Emmylou practiced their number beforehand.

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20189:50 PM

Yeah, that was weird earlier. Must have been an extenuating circumstance. 

Jerry Nunn January 28, 20189:55 PM

I am going to cut slits up the side and put zippers in the front legs of all of my pants, must be a hot trend with the kids these days.

imkingjohn January 28, 20189:57 PM

Hahaha soooooo many zippers.

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 20189:57 PM

I have goose bumps.

Jerry Nunn January 28, 201810:01 PM

I love how Bono called him THE Edge

Michael Heidemann January 28, 201810:02 PM

Bruno, Bruno, Bruno ~ He does it again

Jerry Nunn January 28, 201810:02 PM

Oh Lorde looked sad

Michael Heidemann January 28, 201810:02 PM

Aww, Jerry… Lorde gave a sniffle when Bruno mentioned her name

Jerry Nunn January 28, 201810:03 PM

Wait, his backup band member didn’t wear the red mask this time…

imkingjohn January 28, 201810:03 PM

Would’ve loved to see Lorde win. Especially after she didn’t get to perform

imkingjohn January 28, 201810:03 PM

I don’t know why they shut her out like that. Her album was such an important part of the year in pop

Jerry Nunn January 28, 201810:04 PM

Lorde’s like, “Why am I here?

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 201810:04 PM

Right, I’m feeling that, too, for Lorde. 

Jerry Nunn January 28, 201810:06 PM

First she gets rained out at Lollapalooza and now this!
I love that Jack Antonoff did her album. I didn’t feel it was as good as her debut but it had some moments.

Michael Heidemann January 28, 201810:06 PM

Another year, another interesting Grammys.  Great blogging with y’all!  I’ll see you at the next one! 

elifgeriswgnam January 28, 201810:06 PM

Regardless, that was a fun three and a half hours. Until next year!

Jerry Nunn January 28, 201810:07 PM

Thanks for having me! I had fun and hopefully I wasn’t too much of a chatty Nunn!!!

imkingjohn January 28, 201810:09 PM

Yeah yeah! This was fun. Time for me to now promptly forget everything that just happened!