RCS Full Show (1/22/18): Roeper on the Oscars, Tom Skilling on the weather, and more…

Unfinished bronze Oscar statuettes, some in a sock for protection, stand January 13, 2017 at Polich Tallix Foundary in Rock Tavern, Upstate New York. A stylized figure of a knight holding a crusader's sword standing on a reel of film with five spokes signifying the five original branches of the Academy (actors, directors, producers, technicians and writers) is widely considered the most prestigious cinema award trophy. (DON EMMERT/AFP/Getty Images)

The Roe Conn Show w/Anna Davlantes feat. Justin Kaufmann for Tuesday, January 22nd, 2018:
WGN-TV’s Ben Bradley joins Anna Davlantes and Justin Kaufmann (in for Roe Conn) with an update on a story of man who jumped from the Skyway during Monday’s afternoon commute, ABC’s Aaron Katersky has the latest on a report that AG Jeff Sessions is trying to pressure the FBI director to install new leadership, Tom Skilling returns from another conveniently timed vacation, the Top Five@5 features more compelling testimony from the trial of disgraced former U.S. Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar, Associate Editor for Real Clear Politics AB Stoddard breaksdown the winners/losers from the government shutdown, Richard Roeper recaps the Oscar nods/snubs, and Executive Director for Project Onward Nancy Gomez brings artist Andreww Hall to the show to talk about their mission of supporting artists.

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