VICE Journalist discusses Aziz Ansari and how there’s more to the story, Dr. Kathy Tynus, and Dr. Lars Dingman “The Itunes Psychic” | Full Show (Jan 18th)

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Patti Vasquez with Dr. Kathy Tynus

Tonight on Pretty Late! (Jan 18th) Dr. Kathy Tynus (Northwestern Medical Group) rides side car and answers listeners questions about their health and medical practices.  Then, in light of the recent allegations against Aziz Ansari, VICE journalist, Manisha Krishnan joins Patti to discuss a different side to the story.  Manisha had published an article outlying her view on VICE, to read the article in full – check it out right HERE.  Then, it’s everyone’s favorite Itunes psychic, Dr. Lars Dingman!  Listen in as he takes callers from his fans to discuss their reality.  All this and more on Pretty Late!

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