John Williams Show Full Podcast 1.10.2018 LIVE From SNL: The Experience

Today on the show, John Williams comes to us LIVE from SNL: The Experience at The Museum of Broadcast Communications. John speaks with the Creative Director of the SNL exhibit, Mark Lach, about his time spent putting the exhibit together and how he selected which pieces to include. Former White Supremacist and Author, Christian Picciolini, joins John at the museum to talk about his book White American Youth: My Descent Into America’s Most Violent Hate Movement – And How I Got Out. Former SNL cast member, Julia Sweeney, stops by the exhibit to share some of her favorite memories as a cast member and her her upcoming show at Second City, “Older & Wider”.

John Williams, accompanied by Steve Bertrand, also pays tribute to WGN’s own late Milt Rosenberg and reflects on his amazing personality, work-ethic, and more.