Saturday Night Special 12.30.17 | The Stuff We Missed in 2017

Amy Guth. Photo Credit: Lenny Gilmore, RedEye

On this edition of the Saturday Night Special, Amy Guth looks back on the year that was and finds the news and pop culture we may have overlooked in 2017.

WGN Radio producers Tom Hush and Griffin Filipitch kick things off with their picks for the most underrated films of the year. They discuss flicks like “Beatrix at Dinner”, “Good Time” and “mother!” and why they think each is worth your time.

Music and culture writer Britt Julious returns to the show to look back at the music and the cultural shifts that affected the sound of 2017, as well as the eternal question of Art vs. Artist.

Third Coast Comics owner Terry Gant gives us the year in nerd culture. In this era of peak geek, Terry shares his thoughts on superhero movies, the revival of Dungeons & Dragons and his favorite comics of 2017.

Finally, Tribune columnist Rex Huppke covers the news that we forgot  while so much was going on.