Dr. Kevin Most: New Year’s Resolutions

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Dr. Kevin Most on the Steve Cochran Show

Concept is,  we choose NY resolutions and they are often single focused, difficult to complete or sustain, because of that most NY resolutions are stopped within a few weeks. How about this in place of a single NY resolution keep a list of 10 simple things on a list and do a few simple things a week. These are broad based so some are physical, some are mental, all are easy.

You will feel better and this concept is sustainable as it is balanced – physical, mental and relationships

We are just days away from New Years and many of us set some unreasonable goal as a NY resolution only to fail miserably within a short period of time. Often this failure makes us lose some self-esteem and actually depresses us. If we all stopped and thought about our resolutions, applied common sense and made them reasonable we may succeed. Now in all honesty I am not a fan of NY resolutions even though most of them are health related. The reason why,  is that we pick this date to make a change in our health that we should be doing all along, couple that with the failure rate and you can see why I feel the way I do about  grand NY resolutions.

How about you take a different swing this year. Let’s set a goal of feeling better at the end of every day. That feeling better will include physical as well as mental health. So,  Instead of doing one big NY resolution we focus on 10 things that may be small but will have a large impact on your well-being. Now you may be thinking that is crazy, if I can’t do one why would I think I can do 10. The plan is it is all about small steps, and small steps that can be sustained. We all learned to crawl before we walked and walked before we ran, but now we certainly would not go back to crawling. Think of it that way. Small things we can do each day that will change the way we live and are sustainable.

The goal is simple, finish each day feeling good about yourself physically and mentally and that you made a difference in your health.


  • I know we all realize the importance of sleep on our overall health. The body needs a chance to rest, this includes muscles as well as your mind.  A simple thing each of us could do is go to sleep 15 minutes early each day. Many of you may stay up to watch the news which is terrible as it often will make your mind race and hinder your ability to fall asleep. Consider eliminating any activity before going to sleep that may upset you.
  • We have talked about the importance of hydration. This is important for our muscles as well as our circulation. Consider making an active point to Drink one more glass of water a day
  • Fast food, fatty food, high calorie food, we know for the most part we have a terrible diet. How about making sure you select one meal where you make a point of having a vegetable. Oh and Onion Rings don’t count.
  • For many the work day is spent behind a desk and extremely sedentary. A simple thing you can do each day is anytime you are on the phone stand up and take the call standing up. You will find that you feel better you have less back pain and I bet your calls are shorter. Get up from your desk and stand when on the phone
  • If you really think about it, how much time do you need for lunch, how many of you eat lunch at your desk. Take the opportunity to take a short walk, preferably outside but even getting up and moving around your building is good for your heart and your mind. Take a short walk
  • Social interactions are very important, they make us think, they make us be creative and they take us away from work. Consider each day to take 5 mins to interact with a friend you may not have seen or spoken to for a while. Check in find out what is new, share your update Take 2 mins to meet
  • Mental health and wellbeing is very important, doing an act of kindness not only makes you feel good about yourself it makes an impact on the receiver as well. Consider paying for the car behind you in a drive thru, the joy it will bring you and the receiving individual is well worth the cost. Tip a bus boy, tip the kid bagging your groceries, those small acts will make an impact on that youth and it will make you feel great. the impact Pay for the coffee for the individual in line behind you in Starbucks
  • Take one night, turn off the TV and play a card game or a board game with your family. Not only is it good for your mind but also for your relationships
  • Each day we take in what I will call “bad “calories. If you were to skip some bad calories everyday it would make a big impact in your life. For example skipping the potato chips at lunch 2 days a week. This would knock out 500 calories a week and a lot of unneeded sodium. This elimination will help your weight, your blood pressure and your heart. Skip potato chips at lunch 1 day a week
  • One day a week take the stairs in place of an elevator, if you work on the 50th floor, get off at 45th and walk the final 5. Pick 1-2 days a week to do this. Helps your heart and also allows you to relax and set a tone to start your day. Who knows you increase it a day or two until you are doing it every day.
  • Substitute water for soda  2 x a week, knocking out a soda twice a week will save you another 500 calories a week. This elimination will also help your heart, blood pressure and weight.


So just think about doing these simple things and it will make an impact and it is sustainable. It will help your heart, it will help your mind and it will help your overall health.


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