LeanBox Brings Healthy and Tasty Food to Chicago Offices

LeanBox on Pretty Late with Patti Vasquez [photo by Michael Heidemann]

Patti Vasquez speaks with Managing Director, Masa Matsumura of LeanBox tonight on Pretty Late!

Some quick info on Leanbox — [From Leanbox.com] Headquartered in Boston, began in 2014 when entrepreneurs Shea Coakley and Peter Roy, got tired of subsisting on less than highly desirable food during their working hours.  Their original goal: launch a chain of quick-service cafés with healthy offerings for the working masses. When a small side operation took off, the duo began to rethink their focus and created LeanBox.  LeanBox Great Lakes is a joint venture between Lincolnwood-based catering and food service company Food For Thought and LeanBox.  Food For Thought is one of Chicago’s largest and most respected catering and food service companies, serving Chicagoland social, non-for-profit and corporate clients.  For more information, please visit www.leanbox.com.​

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