Saturday Night Special 12.10.17 | Wildlife and Conservation

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Robb Telfer and Amy Guth

The Saturday Night Special with Amy Guth returns!

This week, Amy tackles the topic of our planet’s vast array of fauna and the rapid decline of some of the most recognizable species on Earth. We look at the various factors in their rapid disappearance as well as what we can do to help prevent their downfall.

As ever, Amy welcomes a variety of experts on the topic in order to help get to the core of the issues at hand:

Bill Zeigler, Senior VP of the Chicago Zoological Society, talks about the role that our individual behaviors play into the larger ideas of conservation and how zoos serve an important purpose in efforts to prevent further loss of endangered species.

Kierán Suckling, Executive Director of the Center for Biological Diversity looks at some of the progress being made in conservation efforts and explains the purpose of biological diversity in the environment.

Howard Learner, President & Executive Director of the Environmental Law and Policy Center explains the importance of finding a balance between conservation efforts, policy and the economy.

Finally, Robb Telfer, Calumet Outreach Co-ordinator for the Field Museum talks about grassroots efforts here in Chicagoland that support conservation and how we can pass on the message to the next generation.


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