Live blog: Bears at Bengals

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We’re live blogging the Chicago Bears at the Cincinnati Bengals.

Kevin Powell December 10, 201711:48 AM

Kevin Powell checking in here. BREAKING NEWS: Bears are still awful. We’ll be posting updates here throughout the game. 

Kevin Powell December 10, 201711:49 AM

As bad as the Bears have been, there still is reason to watch because of who is under center — Mitchell. It’s all about his development, and I’m interested to see if they’ll actually let him air it out today. 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 201711:50 AM

Welcome to the WGN Radio live blog of the Bears vs. Bengals. What’s in store? Well, Kevin Powell and I will break down the game and give you color commentary. Quick story lines for this game? Three key defensive starters won’t suit up for the Bears, but the Bengals are also extremely banged up (no Burfict, no Mixon). The Bengals lost to the Steelers on MNF, so they are pretty much knocked out of the playoff hunt. So we’ll see if that makes a difference in how they play. The Bears have been out of the playoff hunt for a while now, but fans continue to watch to see if rookie QB Mitchell Trubisky shows growth and development. And if the Bears will fire the head coach John Fox mid-game. Are we almost ready? I have to get the ole’ pizza rolls in the oven! 

Kevin Powell December 10, 201711:52 AM

JK in the house! Pizza rolls sound good. Prediction for today? 

Kevin Powell December 10, 201711:55 AM

Justin and I will be posting here all afternoon. WGN’s Bears Insider Adam Hoge is covering the game in Cincinnati. Follow him on twitter @AdamHoge. 

I’m @kpowell720
Justin is @JustinKaufmann  
Justin Kaufmann December 10, 201711:56 AM

Well Kev, the last time the Bears went to The Natty, they got their butts kicked. Cedric Benson, anyone? But maybe, just maybe the Bears can mess up the AFC North again today. But Bears only have 1 win on the road and that was against Baltimore. Dalton and Bengals 24, Bears 13. Or Bears 53, Bengals 0. Can’t decide…

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 201711:57 AM

NBC is showing swimming. So if the game goes awry, we can live-blog swimming. 

Kevin Powell December 10, 201711:58 AM

If the Bears weren’t so banged up, I’d give them a better shot. Bengals 21 Bears 10. 

Kevin Powell December 10, 201711:58 AM

Love a good live blog of swimming…

Kevin Powell December 10, 201711:59 AM

The last time Bengals WR A.J. Green faced the Bears: Nine catches for 161 yards and two touchdowns. 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 201712:01 PM

So this a fun, off top-of-head list of inactives for Bears:

Kyle Long, Cam Meredith, Kevin White, Zach Miller, Leonard Floyd, Pernell McPhee, Eddie Goldman, Willie Young, Jerrell Freeman, Quintin Demps, Adrian Amos and the kicker. I’m sure there are more. 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 201712:02 PM

I love how Fox is trying to make this a big game for the Bengals. 5-7 with a gazillion teams to hopscotch to get to a wildcard. 

Kevin Powell December 10, 201712:03 PM

Let’s not forget this is a MIKE NUGENT REVENGE GAME

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 201712:04 PM

NUGENT is now my favorite player on the Bears. Just cause maybe, just maaaaybe he’s related to Ted. 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 201712:05 PM

Fox broadcast lists Deon Bush as the starting safety for the Bears. 

Kevin Powell December 10, 201712:05 PM

No one has ever confirmed that he’s not related to Ted. So maybe. 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 201712:06 PM

Would YOU skip this game?

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 201712:07 PM

Nothing like getting a challenge on a 4th down spot on the first drive to get us all excited about the flow of this game. 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 201712:09 PM

Kyle Fuller needs to pick that ball off. Story of our season. 

Kevin Powell December 10, 201712:09 PM

Kyle Fuller still with plenty to play for…a new contract. 

Kevin Powell December 10, 201712:10 PM

Fuller with good coverage. AJ Green with better offensive PI to prevent the INT. 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 201712:12 PM

What a bad year for Andy Dalton. Is he just deteriorating as an athlete or is something up in Cincy that I’m not aware of. He is definitely not the Dalton of the past.

Kevin Powell December 10, 201712:15 PM

Mitch on the move works. Pocket presence is what needs to grow. 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 201712:16 PM

Kev, even though Jordan Howard has had a great start to his NFL career, would you advise the Bears to draft a franchise RB if avail? That kid out of Penn State? Seems like Howard’s deficiency in the passing game is hard to overcome. 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 201712:17 PM

The Bears running game is on point today! Bengals D gives up two big runs, including a Jordan Howard TD! 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 201712:17 PM

NUGENT misses the PAT. Bears lead 6-0.

Kevin Powell December 10, 201712:18 PM

Barkley is an incredible talent. But they need to improve in other areas. As we just saw, they’re fine at the running back position. 

Kevin Powell December 10, 201712:18 PM


Justin Kaufmann December 10, 201712:20 PM

Agreed, but I wonder if the Bears need to start thinking about upgrading good to great. Because they have deficiencies for sure, but not at positions that you would use a top draft pick to fix. Maybe defensive line? 

Kevin Powell December 10, 201712:21 PM

Receiver…gotta upgrade at receiver. They have the worst WR unit in the NFL. And you have to give Mitch weapons. 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 201712:21 PM

Cunningham with a big tackle on the kickoff, gets up and fakes shooting a gun at the Bengal fans. Maybe take it down a notch? #Stupid 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 201712:23 PM

Dalton keeps trying to challenge Bears’ corners. But they have come up big. Nice 3rd down stop. Looks like Bengals are going to go for it on 4th and 1 in their own territory. 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 201712:24 PM

Bears call great time out. Forces Bengals to think about it and they punt. 

Kevin Powell December 10, 201712:25 PM

Cohen needs to catch that. 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 201712:25 PM

Kev, I don’t know if I’d be comfortable taking a WR with our 1st overall. Chance for bust is likely. For every #ODB, there’s #KevinWhite #SammyWatkins? 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 201712:28 PM

Bears offense seems more aggressive than usual. That’s what we want to see. Let Mitch loose. 

Kevin Powell December 10, 201712:28 PM

How many first round QB’s have been a bust? Doesn’t mean you should pass up on future talent. They’ve got to address the position.

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 201712:30 PM

Over the line! Smokey! Over the line! 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 201712:32 PM

John Fox challenging a play that looked pretty obvious? Is this just like taking a time out so they can talk about the 3rd down call? Or is Fox really challenging this call? 

Kevin Powell December 10, 201712:33 PM

John Fox is the worst

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 201712:34 PM

That was the 3rd down call after the time out? A 2 yard out to the backup TE? Man, terrible drive for Trubisky and the Bears. 

Kevin Powell December 10, 201712:35 PM

Can’t wait to see this Hanks/Streep movie. The Post. 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 201712:36 PM

Fox has a “grasping at straws” feel to every game he coaches. It’s part of the problem with the entire coaching staff, but it manifests itself in the head coaching decisions every game. He just doesn’t seem to have a lot of confidence in his coaches, his players or his own abilities. This is why they should have let him go early in the season. To change the TONE of this football team. 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 201712:37 PM

Not me, I’m a Jumanji guy. Looking forward to another Kev Hart/The Rock juggernaut! Throw in a little Jack Black? GOLD! 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 201712:39 PM

Prince with the deflection, but can’t make play (again). Feels like Bears D leads league in missed interceptions. 

Kevin Powell December 10, 201712:40 PM

Another problem with Fox is that he doesn’t appear to have any interest in developing young players. And honestly, I kind of get where he’s coming from. He didn’t take the job to develop a bunch of rookies. Fox wants to win, and he’ll do it any way he can — even if that means prohibiting the growth of younger players. That is why Ryan Pace should have fired Fox weeks ago. He’s not winning, and he’s not developing young players. 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 201712:41 PM

TD Bengals, Dalton to LaFell for a 15 yard score. Easy. 

Kevin Powell December 10, 201712:44 PM

Not sure how Benny Cunningham is alive after that hit. 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 201712:44 PM

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 201712:47 PM

End of 1st quarter, Bengals lead 7-6.

Kevin Powell December 10, 201712:51 PM

How are your pizza rolls? 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 201712:55 PM

I was working on em. Cooling off as we speak!!!!

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 201712:55 PM

NUGENT!!!! Bears lead 9-7 in the 2nd. Should have scored there, but Bears shoot themselves in foot (again) with costly penalty on big play.

Kevin Powell December 10, 201712:56 PM

I just ate some cabbage rolls from Violeta’s restaurant so I’m a happy man. But pizza rolls sound good. 

Kevin Powell December 10, 201712:59 PM

Great one-handed grab by that assistant coach. 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20171:01 PM

I’d take some cabbage rolls right about now.

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20171:03 PM

Kyle Fuller has done a great job on A.J. Green today. He hasn’t let him make a big play. Fuller is showing up in these games. Still makes mistakes, but his name is called (in a positive way) several times a game.

Kevin Powell December 10, 20171:05 PM

I think the Bears should re-sign him. He’s shown enough. 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20171:06 PM

Twitter beating up on play-by-play announcer Sam Rosen. He makes a lot of little mistakes and the internet seems to love it!

Kevin Powell December 10, 20171:07 PM

Shaheen sighting 

Kevin Powell December 10, 20171:07 PM

Rosen gets destroyed every time he calls a Bears game. 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20171:07 PM

Nice Adam Shaheen with the 18 yard gain. He stretches the field more than any other TE on roster. Yet, he barely plays. Loggains said it was because he doesn’t have a grasp of the full offense. Give me a break.

Kevin Powell December 10, 20171:09 PM

If he doesn’t have a full grasp on the offense that’s because Loggains has done a bad job. It’s Week 14!! 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20171:10 PM

This is what fans like about Mitch Trubisky. He can throw a 10-15 yard route on 3rd down. Nice completion to Wright. First down.

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20171:11 PM

I like the Bears offense today. Getting a lot of Tarik Cohen in the mix. Balanced. And gives Trubisky more room to operate. But these flags….

Kevin Powell December 10, 20171:12 PM

Nice drive from Mitch. But yes, the penalties have killed them today. 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20171:13 PM

7 penalties already in this game for the Bears? Already? It’s not even halftime.

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20171:14 PM

If Howard can be counted on for swing passes and checkdowns, this offense can be great. Nice to see.

Kevin Powell December 10, 20171:14 PM

Well that was fun

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20171:15 PM

Huge play for Trubisky there. Great job getting that ball to Cunningham. He got us in FG range if we had a kicker. Instead, Bears go for it. Bengals take TO.

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20171:15 PM

It’s so ridiculous that the Bears cannot line up for a what, 49 yard field goal here? C’mon.

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20171:16 PM

How can you expect to win in this league without a field goal kicker? BUT….Trubisky finds Shaheen for the first down on 4th down!

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20171:17 PM

Trubisky is looking great today, btw.

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20171:17 PM

3 catches for Shaheen today. I want to see 10 targets, 7 catches per game for Shaheen. Gronk/Kelce style.

Kevin Powell December 10, 20171:19 PM

Shaheen has made a few nice catches which means he probably won’t see the field in the second half. 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20171:22 PM

Well, that is what we asked for. Shaheen has to make that catch. Can’t come down with touchdown. Bears settle for FG. 27 yarder is good. Bears lead 12-7 with 1:46 to play for the half.

Kevin Powell December 10, 20171:23 PM

That sums up John Fox. They absolutely should have gone for it. Like I said earlier, Fox wants to win, not develop young players. That would have been a great teaching moment for Trubisky. 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20171:28 PM

Strange time management on this Bengals drive. The Bears let the clock run down to 44 seconds as the Bengals punt out of their end zone. Feels like they may have lost a couple seconds with that strategy.

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20171:30 PM

Trubisky has to recognize the free play and go for it all there. That’s a bad read by all the Bears offense. (offsides Bengals)

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20171:33 PM

Bears (and Trubisky) look pretty incompetent on that final drive. And they can’t kick a long FG because they don’t have a FG kicker. Had to do a hail mary instead of trying a 55 yarder. That’s just unacceptable.

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20171:33 PM

Bears lead at the half, 12-7.

Kevin Powell December 10, 20171:33 PM

Overall a strong first half for Trubisky. 17/23 for 170 yards. No interceptions. 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20171:47 PM

Bears get the ball to start the 2nd half. Need a nice drive here to put away the lifeless Bengals.

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20171:47 PM

Jordan Howard starts it off with a 16 yard run. NICE game for JH.

Kevin Powell December 10, 20171:49 PM

Nice run followed up with a penalty and a sack. 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20171:50 PM

After that run, Bears go backwards with penalty and sack and a meaningless screen. Bears punt on first drive out of the half.

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20171:56 PM

Bears D is playing well. Keeping Dalton and the Bengals passing game in check. Force 3 and out. 6 possessions, 5 punts. Wouldn’t have thought this after inactives, but Bears backups doing the job.

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20171:58 PM

Tarik Cohen misjudges another punt. That’s at least three punts today that he’s taken bad angles on? That, plus Nugent missing PAT and the Bears special teams is having another bad game.

Kevin Powell December 10, 20171:59 PM

Yea Cohen is still learning the position. But it’s another way to get the ball in his hands so I’m OK with him staying there for now. 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20172:02 PM

Bears are dominating all parts of game today. But score doesn’t show it. Only up 5 points midway through 3rd.

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20172:03 PM

Mitch Trubisky having his best game of his young career. This is what we wanted to see. Trubisky moving the ball down the field. Need to finish this drive with a TD.

Kevin Powell December 10, 20172:03 PM

Just keep letting him throw. He’s had a really strong game. 

Kevin Powell December 10, 20172:04 PM

Mr. Ohio. 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20172:05 PM

Nice read option run for Trubisky for the Bears TD! Totally tricked the Bengals. Great drive, great game for Mitch! Bears lead 19-7. Big lead for the Bears D.

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20172:06 PM


Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20172:08 PM

Although, as my friend Edgar points out….

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20172:10 PM

Eddie Jackson with an INT! Off the deflection, finally the Bears are in the right spot to make the play. Bears defense comes up big. Bears ball in Bengal territory.

Kevin Powell December 10, 20172:11 PM

Eddie Jackson gets the INT on his birthday

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20172:13 PM

Jordan Howard has reached 1,000 yards for the season. Is he the first to ever do that as a Bear? When they let Trubisky throw the rock, the running lanes open up.

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20172:15 PM

End of the 3rd quarter and the Bears lead 19-7. They are also 3rd and goal when we come back. Great game so far for the Bears young players – Trubisky, Jordan Howard, Tarik Cohen and Eddie Jackson.

Kevin Powell December 10, 20172:15 PM

He’s the first Bear to begin career with consecutive 1,000-yard rushing seasons. 

Kevin Powell December 10, 20172:16 PM

Great point. It’s mostly been the young guys. 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20172:17 PM

Howard makes strong case that the Bears don’t have to look at the RB position in the draft. Makes job a little easier for the front office. The Bears offense needs a #1 WR for sure. Imagine if a downfield threat could draw double teams with this running game? Could be a quick turnaround for this team next year.

Kevin Powell December 10, 20172:18 PM

Yea they don’t need a running back. Receiver is the way to go. 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20172:19 PM

They use Shaheen again the end zone and it results in a PI. So Bears get 1st down and throw to Shaheen again for the score! Nice work, Shaheen! (another rookie)

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20172:19 PM

Bears lead 26-7 as the young guys shine. Bengals didn’t come to play.

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20172:21 PM

With a win today, the Bears go to 3-0 against the AFC North. Browns come to Soldier Field on Xmas Eve.

Kevin Powell December 10, 20172:22 PM

Have you gotten your ticket to the Christmas Eve Toilet Bowl at Soldier Field?? 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20172:23 PM

What about O-Line? Can Bears draft a legacy Left Tackle in the draft? I don’t know why, but I’m skiddish on WRs in top 5. But seems like Bears could use a special talent on either lines? Or maybe a “Honey Badger” type at safety?

Kevin Powell December 10, 20172:23 PM

Who knows if they’ll be in the top 5. Bottom line is you have to address you greatest weakness, which is the WR unit. 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20172:25 PM

No doubt, but I wonder if that is better addressed in free agency? And address the #2 WR position with a 2nd or 3rd round pick?

Kevin Powell December 10, 20172:28 PM

I’d like to see them take the best WR available with their first pick. Get a young receiver Mitch can work with. 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20172:28 PM

Safety Eddie Jackson just made a huge play on AJ Green to strip the football. Challenge will go Bears way (or should). Huge game for Eddie Jackson on his Bday!

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20172:29 PM

I’d draft best avail, but if avail I would get the best OLB avail to pair up with Leonard Floyd. Then you can have a rotation with McPhee and keep the pressure up on the defensive front. Maybe even a Defensive End. Have I told you how much I hate 1st round WRs?

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20172:31 PM

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20172:34 PM

That was an outsanding play by Trubisky. Runs away from the blitz, finds Kendall Wright for the 15 yard gain. On 3rd down.

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20172:34 PM

And now Tarik Cohen from the Wildcat formation, takes the direct snap and rumbles 29 yards. The Bears’ young players are lighting it up today.

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20172:36 PM

Jordan Howard rumbles for another TD, but replays say he may have been down at the 1 yard line. Amazing run for Howard and stretch at end. Bears offense working today.

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20172:37 PM

Wow, TD stands! Bears lead 33-7 in a blowout in Cincy.

Kevin Powell December 10, 20172:39 PM

Can the Bears play AFC North opponents every week? 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20172:40 PM

Ha, Kendall Wright becomes the first Bears’ WR to get 100 yards in a game this season. It’s week 14.

Kevin Powell December 10, 20172:42 PM

As Adam Hoge noted on twitter, this has been a great look for Ryan Pace following last week’s disaster. The young core, all drafted by Pace, has had a huge day.

Kevin Powell December 10, 20172:46 PM

Reminder that our Bears postgame show with Hamp, OB and Koz starts at 3:05pm CT on WGN Radio. Tune in! It’s must-listen radio. And thanks to everyone who joined Justin and I today. 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20172:50 PM

What is Kyle Fuller’s deal? He continues to whiff on interceptions. It’s the one reason I’m not sold on him for the future.

Kevin Powell December 10, 20172:50 PM

The one earlier wasn’t a whiff. He was held by Green. That one shoulda been picked. 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20172:51 PM

He seems to be around the ball, making plays. But even today, there have been a few instances where the ball was in play and he missed the opportunity. If the Bears could add that element to corner position, I feel like they would improve significantly in the W/L column.

Kevin Powell December 10, 20172:53 PM

Yea he’s missed some opportunities. But as long as the other team isn’t catching the ball, he’s doing his job. And there’s a reason some of these guys are DB’s and not WR’s haha. No hands. 

Kevin Powell December 10, 20172:56 PM

Meanwhile, the Cubs have added bullpen help, signing Brandon Morrow to a two-year deal. 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20172:59 PM

So Hawks, Bulls and Bears go 4-0 this weekend with the chance for a clean sweep with the Hawks tonight. This after they went 0-20 over past week+.

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20173:02 PM

Don’t celebrate too much, Lamarr. Don’t remind us of when you blew out your ACL doing a sack dance late in a blowout loss to the Patriots a few years back. One of the most embarrassing plays in Bears history.

Kevin Powell December 10, 20173:03 PM

Justin, what’s on the show tomorrow night? 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20173:04 PM

The Bears D holds on the final drive for the Bengals. The Bears will win this game and move to 4-9 on the season. The 2017 Bears now have one more W than last year. Next week, the Bears head to Detroit.

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20173:05 PM

Adam Hoge will join us for the Monday Evening Quarterback. Can’t wait to talk about a win for a change. Big positives in this one for several players that needed big games. #Trubisky #Shaheen #Howard #Cohen #Wright #OLine #Jackson #BearsSecondary

Kevin Powell December 10, 20173:07 PM

Saturday afternoon matchup with the Lions. 3:30pm kickoff. 

Kevin Powell December 10, 20173:07 PM

The Packers just tied things up with the Browns. They’re headed to OT in Cleveland. Wow. 

Justin Kaufmann December 10, 20173:12 PM

The Bears win. That’s all, folks! Make sure to tune in at 720AM or for Hamp, OB and Koz!

Kevin Powell December 10, 20173:12 PM

Have a great day! Bears win 33-7.