Is the workforce considered a disruption? Researcher talks impacts, advice

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Dr. Tracey Wilen (Photo courtesy: Wilen)

Dr. Tracey Wilen joins Matt Bubala to discuss the future of the work force in her newest book, “Digital Disruption; the Future of Work, Skills, Leadership, Education and Careers in a Digital World.” Wilen says “people don’t realize how fast the change is happening.”

As technology changes, companies are also changing and impacting daily lives. Wilen says there are a couple of factors affecting the workforce.  “The projections of life are much longer today. People are living to 100 and that in itself is changing work life. The reality is people are working for sixty or seventy years to afford to retire.”

Tracy’s advice to cope with the changing workforce is to “learn about two technologies in your profession that are impacting and changing your industry so you can keep up with it.” Wilen says managers also have to learn how to adapt. For example, in the past managers would see a line of three generations of employees. Now that people are working later in life, it’s possible for a manager to have five generations in the workforce.

She suggests that individuals make a timeline of yourself in the future and how to get there. For example, students should consider internships in high school to pursue possible industries in college.

For more information on Tracey’s book, visit her website.



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