Broke to bank: exotic dancer talks about managing finances

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Author Kerri Walker (Courtesy of Kerri Walker)

Kerri Walker was twenty thousand dollars in student loan debt and worried about job security, so she turned to exotic dancing in New York. She was able to save up one hundred thousand dollars in one year. Author Kerri Walker joins Matt Bubala to discuss her book, “Fearless!: An Exotic Dancer’s Guide to Personal and Professional Success.”

The thirty-one year old says, “I had a terrible family life. I took all these jobs I wasn’t passionate about to get out of the house.” Walker is still dancing and sending out resumes for jobs, but says “money is addicting.” Walker is  “just now becoming realistic about how hard it is to get out.”

Tune in as Matt Bubala gives advice to Kerri for the future. He also chats with one listener in the profession that has successfully avoided the pitfalls to put herself through law school and support her five children. The full conversation can be found in the full show podcast.



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