Hot Trending Foods from Datassential, Tech Trends with Van Dinter, Voice Over Extraordinaire Ryan Goldshur, and The Sound Sessions Music Minute | Full Show (Nov 20th)

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Pretty Late with Patti Vasquez [Photo by: Michael Heidemann]

Tonight on Pretty Late! (Nov 20th) Comedian Paul Farahvar and Michael Palaczack ride side car as we discuss the latest trends in food!  From the Champagne of Pickles to Persimmon’s in salads, the team from Datassential give us the low down on what to expect on your table this thanksgiving and throughout 2018.  Then, you’ve seen him on WGN TV as well as The Ellen Show – Voice Over Extraordinaire Ryan Goldshur jumps on air to showcase his impersonation skills and give us a little background on his life.  Have a question about Tech?  Well, we have resident tech expert Steve Van Dinter join us to discuss the latest tech trends and some devices to ready you for Thanksgiving.  Finally, you’ll be able to hear the first episode of the “Sound Sessions Minute” with host, Mike Heidemann – Find all the latest music news, concert reviews interviews on The Sound Sessions Podcast.  For more information visit Here!

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