“Change is part of the battlefield:” Author shares details on helicopter shoot down in Afghanistan

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Author and Photographer Ed Darack just prior to embarking on a combat operation with U.S. Marines outside of Marjah, Afghanistan. (Ed Darak, Luke Downey)

Author and photographer Ed Darack joins Matt Bubala to talk about his in-depth book, “The Final Mission of Extortion 17-Special Ops, Helicopter Support, SEAL Team Six, and the Deadliest Day of the U.S. War in Afghanistan.” Through detailed interviews, Darack tells the story of the final flight of Extortion 17 which represents the loss of U.S. Special Operations Commanders and Navy Seals near Kabul, Afghanistan.

He discusses the war on terror and the war on ideology. Darack talks about the importance of intelligence gathering.  “You have to first identify who is the enemy. You can’t just go to a country and say everyone is the enemy. That’s not the case.”

Darack explains that it’s easy for the average American to not recognize what the military does every day, unless there’s a big attack. “We know about this because there’s a tragedy because it brings it to light. It’s important for the American public to know how more complex and dangerous [war is] than people realize. For example, when flying at night pilots have vision goggles on and they see shades of green. “It provides a window of understanding for the general public.”

When the helicopter was shot down, enemies were close to where Extortion 17 was landing. “That’s the risk of war. It’s the one element that will never change. There’s different force types in operation and change is still a part of the battlefield, Darack says.”

Darack’s book can be purchased online from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.






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