Wintrust Business Lunch 11/17/17: Live from Mickey Finn’s, Dog Cloning, & ‘Workplace Telepressure’

Wintrust Business Lunch live from Mickey Finns (PHOTO WGN)

The Wintrust Business Lunch broadcasts LIVE from Mickey Finn’s Brewery in Libertyville as part of the Hometown Voices tour. Andrea Hanis, editor at Blue Sky Innovation, joins the show to talk about extreme targeted advertising and cloning your dog. The owner of Mickey Finn’s sits down with Steve to talk about the brewery and the rise of ‘Main Street’. Lake County President and CEO, Kevin Considine comes on to talk about the economic development in Lake County. Do you ever feel pressured to check your phone and work email? Professor at NIU, Lacie Barber coined the term ‘workplace telepressure’ and talks about how to manage it.