Jim Turano 11.16.17: Christmas Decorations, Carjackings, Informercials, Music and Northside Memories

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Elton Jim Turano's Captain Pod-Tastic

Jim Turano (in for Nick Digilio) starts the show describing the Christmas decorations he brought into the seventh floor studios. He then discusses the rash of carjackings in Chicago and provides tips from Doug Cummings to keep yourself safe.

Hour two features some infomercial talk including the products he owns & loves and the products he could purchase. He then transitions to some tributes to some recently deceased music greats (Fats Domino, Paul Buckmaster) and why another (Terry Kath) is back in the news.

Hour three wraps up the music memories and then transitions into a deep dive into some Northside memories and the Belmont & Manheim intersection.