Live blog: Bears vs. Packers

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We’re live blogging the Chicago Bears vs. the Green Bay Packers.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 201712:00 PM

Hello, football folks! It’s Justin Kaufmann and I’m ready to provide hot takes on today’s Bears/Packers game. My first hot take? Rain is awful. 

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 201712:09 PM

I guess a good start for the Bears, but we aren’t going to win this game with stalled drives.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 201712:11 PM

I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before – a punt fielded in the end zone. 

dlongwgnam November 12, 201712:11 PM

Test Test… DL here.  Let’s see what Vic Fangio’s got in store for Brett Hundley

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 201712:13 PM

This is going to be a tough game for Bears fans. Coming off the bye against a banged up Pack, you would think we would have the advantage. But these kind of games rarely go well for the John Fox-led Bears. 

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 201712:14 PM

Can’t fall behind to the Packers and let them control the line of scrimmage with the ground game. Need Hundley to air it out. Aaron Jones comes off the field limping. Could be big loss for Packers. 

dlongwgnam November 12, 201712:17 PM

Finally a stop on 3rd down

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 201712:17 PM

Kyle Fuller misses that interception. Too many of those this year. That missed opportunity leads to 3 points for the Packers. 3-0 with 7:20 to go in 1st quarter. Not a good start for the Bears D. 

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 201712:19 PM
dlongwgnam November 12, 201712:21 PM

Aaron Jones takes a cart ride, may see Pack keep going to the air

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 201712:22 PM

Adam Shaheen with a huge 1st down reception. Could be a breakout game for him. 2 catches already.

dlongwgnam November 12, 201712:22 PM

Nice to see you, Adam Shaheen

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 201712:22 PM

The Bears with the false start. But interesting, they were throwing again on 1st down. They have had success doing that with Trubisky, but they have also been super predictable running the ball on 1st down. 

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 201712:23 PM

Two false starts. So Bears now with 3 penalties halfway through the 1st quarter. So much for the bye week. 

dlongwgnam November 12, 201712:23 PM

Bears O Line: “Hey Mitch, here’s a 1st and 20.  Good luck buddy!”

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 201712:24 PM

Bears offense, regardless of situation, seems to always find themselves at 3rd and 4. 

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 201712:25 PM

Trubisky handles the pressure, stays in pocket and delivers the third down strike. That’s a positive for the rookie QB. He got drilled too. 

dlongwgnam November 12, 201712:26 PM

This team just can’t help themselves

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 201712:26 PM

Holding on Bellamy. 3rd penalty on this drive. Jeesh. 

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 201712:29 PM

Bears once again stall in Packer territory. This is becoming the hallmark of this offense. Drive the middle of the field, make mistakes when close. Settle for long field goal. 3-3 with 2:15 to go. 

dlongwgnam November 12, 201712:29 PM

Barth good from 45. Not a typo. Tied at 3

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 201712:29 PM

Interesting. Wonder if Bears will change it up?

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 201712:33 PM

I really hate the constant “Bears have had sooo many quarterbacks” talk on the broadcast. Cutler was the Bears starting QB for the last 7 or so years. I get it, he got hurt a lot but the Bears had consistency there. It’s just annoying to keep calling out the Bears history at that position. 

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 201712:34 PM

Bears defense with a huge stop. Sam Acho with a great play, Bullard and Amos clean it up. Packers are going for it? 

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 201712:36 PM

The Packers fake going for it, then punt. Dumb.

dlongwgnam November 12, 201712:36 PM

..and burn a time out in the process

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 201712:43 PM

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 201712:44 PM

That’s a bogus PI call. The refs are doing what they can to keep the Packers relevant. 

dlongwgnam November 12, 201712:45 PM

Weak PI call for sure

dlongwgnam November 12, 201712:48 PM

Kwiatkowski on Hundley earlier this week: “Zone read [plays], for one…If you’re not
disciplined, he could cause problems for your defense. Gap-wise you have
to know your assignment”.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 201712:48 PM

We have now seen 2 (maybe 3) busted plays by the Bears defense. 37-yard off tackle run for backup Green Bay running back. Pack lead 10-3. 

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 201712:49 PM

So far, the Bears have made several mental errors on both sides of the ball. Undisciplined team in week 10, coming off the Bye week. 

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 201712:52 PM

Jordan Howard with a big run up the middle. Bears once again in Packer territory. 

dlongwgnam November 12, 201712:54 PM

Dontrelle Inman checks in, finds space, big completion. 

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 201712:54 PM

Dontrelle Inman with a huge 3rd down catch to the Packer 21. Blown coverage by the Packers. 

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 201712:56 PM

Great screen pass to Cunningham. Should be a TD! 

dlongwgnam November 12, 201712:56 PM

Bennie turns on the jets, nice run after a catch underneath

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 201712:57 PM

The Bears will not get the TD there, but 1st and goal at the 1-yard line. Jordan Howard time. 

dlongwgnam November 12, 20171:00 PM


Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20171:00 PM

WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s an awful, awful call. The NFL is getting ridiculous. They say Cunningham lost control of the ball and then the ball hit the pylon so it’s a touchback, Packers ball. So from reviewing it to see if he got a TD, instead the Packers get the ball at the 20. That’s a serious game-changer and will be talked about ad naseum on all post-game shows, including national broadcasts. Terrible for the NFL.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20171:03 PM

Twitter is going crazy, calling for John Fox’s head.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20171:04 PM

Corner blitz by LeBlanc to sack Hundley. 3rd and long. Bears defense trying to steal momentum back.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20171:06 PM

Back to that call – if the challenge was to see if he went out of bounds, then if he did before the ball hit the pylon, wouldn’t it be a dead ball? He’s out of bounds. Did the refs say that he stayed in bounds even though the replay clearly showed his toe out of bounds? I’m still confused.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20171:07 PM

Bears force the punt.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20171:08 PM

Back to that call – if the runner is out of bounds, isn’t it a dead ball? Did the refs actually say that he was in bounds, even though it was clear his toe was out? I’m still confused.

dlongwgnam November 12, 20171:10 PM

Looked like he was out to me, but someone looked at that upstairs and decided that it was worth the challenge, which…OK

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20171:11 PM

Bears offense looks like they haven’t recovered from that call. 2 sacks and a 2 yard loss. Not good.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20171:11 PM

Ha, awesome – ref coughs, crowd goes wild.

dlongwgnam November 12, 20171:11 PM

Bears punt after Trubisky gets sacked twice on that sequence.  Not the response you’re looking for

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20171:13 PM

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20171:16 PM

The Bears have had a half to forget. Only down a TD, but nothing has gone right. It’s hard to watch this team continue to beat themselves. If they end up losing this game, it’s just another one that we will say we should have won. #Atlanta #Minnesota #NewOrleans

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20171:18 PM

It’s week 10 and the Bears have yet to see any positive impact from Tarik Cohen in the return game. Devin Hester, he is not.

dlongwgnam November 12, 20171:18 PM

Bears at the 35 with 2 TO’s and 1:37 on the clock

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20171:21 PM

The Bears are back in Packer territory with :51 seconds left in half. Can they get points before the half?

dlongwgnam November 12, 20171:22 PM

Another target for Josh Bellamy, who was well covered

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20171:23 PM

Was Bellamy hurt the last few weeks? I don’t understand how he has become the target today. So many receivers are available, yet Bellamy is getting the targets. Nice catch by Inman.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20171:23 PM

Bears have mismanaged the clock on this drive. 15 seconds left, Bears looking at long FG if they don’t get closer.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20171:24 PM

False start at the worst possible time. 6th one this half (2 more of them were declined).

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20171:25 PM

Need about 10 yards here.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20171:27 PM

Barth connects on a 44 yarder to end the half. Packers lead 10-6.

dlongwgnam November 12, 20171:27 PM

Halftime. Packers 10, Bears 6 although it sure doesn’t feel like a 4 point game. 

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20171:32 PM

Here’s my first half assessment. The Bears are a team with a great defense, but make way too many mental mistakes. You just don’t see those kind of mental errors (letting Montgomery run untouched for 40 yards) every day in the NFL. And on the offensive side of the ball? Rookie QB. He hasn’t learned how to score touchdowns. So second half? Bears season on the line.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20171:34 PM

And what Adam said:

dlongwgnam November 12, 20171:36 PM

More from Hoge… Mitch has to make better decisions but the line in general not doing him any favors:

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20171:41 PM

Kind of unbelievable that the Bears committed 10 penalties in the first half. That’s just bad. And one of those penalties hurts right now. Bears kick off from their own 20 because of penalty at end of half. Packers take advantage and start in Bears territory after return.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20171:44 PM

Ty Montgomery is out with a rib issue. So Packers on 3rd string running back for second half. No matter. The Packers still running the ball with authority.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20171:47 PM

Bears are getting beat by wildcat, fullback swing passes and other high school play calls. But they finally force a 4th down. Easy 24 yard FG for Crosby. Packers 13-6.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20171:53 PM

Trubisky sacked on 3rd down. Bears punt. Not a great start to the 2nd half for the Bears. Packers drive for a field goal, Bears go 3 and out.

dlongwgnam November 12, 20171:54 PM

4th sack of the day for Trubisky- pressure got to him.  Learning curve, but still frustrating

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20171:55 PM

Not to keep harping on that call, but my thought exactly…

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20171:58 PM

Early in the game, I talked about the Bears need to get out in front so they could force Hundley to throw the ball. They haven’t done that. Now, the Packers are going to take the ball out of his hands and play conservatively.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20171:59 PM

We all want Trubisky to be good. We will let the mistakes happen. But right now, he’s no better than any of the QBs last year. He can make the plays, but he’s missing too many. My hot take? Bears are not better with him on the field. At least not yet.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20172:02 PM

Bears bring the blitz, force the punt! Nice sack for Leonard Floyd.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20172:04 PM

Bears offense needs to step up and tie this game on this drive.

dlongwgnam November 12, 20172:06 PM

Yep big drive and they open it up like that.  Not MT 10’s day.  Make a decision!  They bit on the play action!

dlongwgnam November 12, 20172:07 PM

Followed by a Bellamy drop.  Clown shoes: personnel, execution, everything

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20172:07 PM

Why is Josh Bellamy on the field. Bears go 3 and out. Punt. Ridiculously bad.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20172:10 PM

It’s one thing to be a receiver who can’t catch. But it’s another to keep going back to him game after game. After he dropped the TD around this time last year against the Titans, he should have been dismissed. But Bears coaches keep going back to him, even with Wheaton, Inman, McBride all healthy. It doesn’t matter if he practices harder or runs faster, dude can’t play when it counts. And he’s proven it time and time again. To us, but I guess not the coaching staff.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20172:12 PM

Packers are going for it on 4th and inches. Big play for Bears D. Can change field position.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20172:12 PM

Packers pick up the first down. Just power football. Beat Bears defensive line.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20172:13 PM

3rd quarter was putrid for the Bears. Down 13-6.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20172:17 PM

Wow, Bears have 0 yards in second half.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20172:19 PM

Bears D holds. But Packers connect on long FG. 16-6, Packers.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20172:21 PM

I’d say that this next drive for the Bears is must-score, but they all are now. The season is juuuuust about over, folks. Totally uninspired performance up to this point, will we see anything different in the last 10 minutes?

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20172:24 PM

The boo birds are out at Soldier Field. The Bears come out, 10 points down and they run the ball twice for no gain. They would be 3rd and 10, but bailed out on a defensive holding call on a run play?

dlongwgnam November 12, 20172:24 PM

Spielman nailed it:  Run-run-pass, run-run-pass, etc… The play calling is like clockwork

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20172:26 PM

Interesting, 2 early targets for Shaheen, but disappeared since.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20172:26 PM

Of course, Josh Bellamy for the score!!!!

dlongwgnam November 12, 20172:27 PM

Mitch airs it out to Bellamy for a TD, wow. 

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20172:27 PM

After a terrible game, Bellamy gets the first big pass play of Trubisky’s young career. Bears get a delay of game on the extra point attempt. Come on.

dlongwgnam November 12, 20172:28 PM

He can make the throws, you can see flashes of what the Bears see in him at times

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20172:28 PM

Barth hits the PTA, Bears down 16-13 with 10 minutes to play. Bellamy proves why he’s on the field today.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20172:30 PM

Loggains play-calling was suspect on that drive. It wasn’t til they went more traditional and did 5 and 7 step drops (one off play action) that they moved the ball and scored. He needs to let Trubisky play that way. High risk, high reward.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20172:31 PM

Bears defense has been on field a long time today. Will they keep momentum, or show wear and tear here?

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20172:32 PM

Not a strong start to this defensive stand, giving up play action completion for 20+ in middle of field. Bears have been bending, not breaking most of the day. But they are starting to show signs of tiring. Packers looking to put this one away right now.

dlongwgnam November 12, 20172:33 PM

Pernell McPhee talked about a theoretical museum where the guys on D put their takeaways: now’s the time to hang a new one

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20172:34 PM

Leonard Floyd makes a huge play on 1st down to stuff the run. No gain. Changes what Pack will do here.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20172:34 PM

Here we go – 3rd down and 3 right outside field goal range. Huge play right here.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20172:36 PM

Pernell McPhee loses containment, Hundley runs for 20+ yards for a 1st down. Mental mistake, again.

dlongwgnam November 12, 20172:36 PM

D broke down, Hundley turned the corner for a long run. 

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20172:36 PM

Packers milking the clock, in FG range already. A TD ends this game.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20172:37 PM

Touchdown, Davante Adams.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20172:38 PM

Bears defense was asked to get a stop, instead they let Hundley look like Aaron Rodgers and let the Pack drive down and end this game. Packers 23, Bears 13.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20172:39 PM

You wish you could just point to the Bears offensive struggles, but a backup QB and a third string running back put up 23 points on this defense, a defense that didn’t force one turnover in this rain soaked game. Not a good showing.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20172:41 PM

Couldn’t have said it better myself:

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20172:42 PM

Only positive in this game has been Dontrelle Inman. Good to see a WR who is catching balls.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20172:43 PM

Trubisky closing in on 300 yards passing.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20172:44 PM

Huge 3rd down right here. Bears need to pick up 10 yards and at least get a FG.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20172:44 PM

Barth comes out for a 49 yard FG attempt. Long FG, need this big.

dlongwgnam November 12, 20172:45 PM

Bears stay alive, Barth has been good from 40 plus in these conditions today

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20172:46 PM

Nice kick, 49 yard FG for Barth. Bears cut it to 23-16 with 3+ to go. Bears have all their time outs left. Could get the ball back if defense can force a stop. That’s a big IF.

dlongwgnam November 12, 20172:48 PM

Seems like GB have been dragging the Bears across the chains all day

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20172:49 PM

Bears defense gives up a first down by letting the rookie running back break 3 tackles. I’m not confident that the Bears D has gas left in tank. Would be a fitting way for this game to end.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20172:50 PM

Here we go. 3rd and 6. 2:12. If stop, Bears get ball back with 1 time out left.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20172:51 PM

Very Bear-like penalty for the Packers. Delay of game out of the time out. 3rd and 11.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20172:51 PM

Now the Packers use their last time out. Weird sequence.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20172:53 PM

Bears defense crumbles. Gives up the bomb on 3rd and 11 to Davante Adams. Kyle Fuller gets burned. Terrible way to lose this game.

dlongwgnam November 12, 20172:53 PM

Hundley drops another back shoulder ball to Davonte Adams, Packers good to go as we hit the 2 min warning.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20172:54 PM

2 minute warning. Bears could theoretically still get the ball back with 2 more stops (only can stop the clock one more time).

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20172:55 PM

Also, and maybe it’s just not feasible in real football (not Madden), but Packers ran the ball there with 2:04. Play was over at 2:02. Why not take your last time out there? Why not try to stop the clock right before the 2 min warning? Seems trivial, I guess, but every second counts? Maybe it wasn’t possible or maybe its moot. They will call the TO on the next play anyway?

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20172:57 PM

Even if Bears get ball back, they will most likely be down two scores. Ballgame. Bears need miracles from here on out. Just awful way to lose, giving up a huge bomb on 3rd down and 11. Bears defense loses this game for us.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20172:58 PM

Wow! Green Bay misses the chip shot and the Bears get the ball back with 1:02 to play.

dlongwgnam November 12, 20172:58 PM

Crosby shanks a chip shot after the holder bobbles the snap, there’s life.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20172:58 PM

Ha, there’s that miracle. For now.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20172:59 PM

This is what we want to see – Trubisky time. Even if he can’t get it done, this is what we want to see.

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20173:01 PM

4th and 10. Not a great drive. Dontrelle Inman drops a first down. GRRRRRRRRR.

dlongwgnam November 12, 20173:01 PM

Bad drop, that’s the difference between fringe guys and legit NFL receivers

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20173:02 PM

Awful ending to an awful game. The Bears can’t get a first down to extend the drive. They turn the ball over on downs and lose 23-16.

dlongwgnam November 12, 20173:05 PM

My question is, where do you go from here?  Couple bad opponents coming up, but how long can you spin your wheels without showing some kind of progress as a unit?  Even the D seemed to take a step back, although without Trevathan

Justin Kaufmann November 12, 20173:06 PM

In short, the Bears proved today that they are not an NFL ready team. They fall to 3-6, losing at home to a team with a back-up quarterback and a third-string running back. The focus next week has to be on whether or not John Fox and the Bears coaching staff have done enough to keep their jobs. The Bears are now 0-3 in the NFC North and lost both games to the Packers this season. Thanks for following along today. Nice to work with you, Dan.

dlongwgnam November 12, 20173:06 PM

Also, don’t miss Hamp, OB and Kox coming up as we speak on 720 WGN and here on

dlongwgnam November 12, 20173:08 PM

Also, don’t miss Hamp, OB and Koz coming up as we speak on 720 WGN and here on