Allstate Kid of the Week: Garrett M.

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Allstate Kid of the Week Garrett M.

Garrett M. is our fantastic, bully busting ‘Kid of the Week.’ Garrett has a strong sense of right and wrong. This last weekend that sense was put to the test. A neighborhood bully attacked his friend pushing him to the ground. The victim fled for home while the bully was frustrated and started damaging the home of his victim.

Garrett wouldn’t have any of it! So, he grabbed the young man in a bear hug and forced him along to the front door and demanded he apologize for his actions. The bully scratched and tried to break free but to no avail. After a bit, Garrett let him free…even though he refused to do the right thing. This would not sit well with Garrett.  Garrett then marched to the offender’s home and let his parents know what transpired. The victim’s mother came by and thanked his parents and sang Garrett’s praises. Way to go!

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