The John Williams Show Full Podcast 11.06.17: Health insurance, cookies judging, and recapping the weekend in sports

King John Williams sports his CrownCam around the office.

The time for open enrollment is upon us. John Williams saw some eye-popping number while signing up for his health insurance this year. He talks to listeners and reads responses to his Facebook post from people who have dealt with the same problem. Later on in the show, he talks to the senior correspondent for Kaiser Health News, Mary Agnes Carey, to try and get to the bottom of why insurance costs are so high. John plays a round of handyman poker with news anchor, Steve Bertrand. Phil Vettel stops by the studio to talk weddings and cookie contests. John wraps the show by talking to WGN Sports reporter, Sam Panayotovich, about everything that happened in the NFL over the weekend. They discuss Rick Morrisey’s column from the Chicago Sun Times.