No Coast Cinema Ep. 20 | Comedy Collective Muscular Clown, Raul Benitez and Mike Vanderbilt talk ‘Cinepocalypse’

Tom Hush and Conor Cornelius with Muscular Clown

This week on No Coast Cinema, hosts Tom Hush and Conor Cornelius hang out with Katie Johnston-Smith, Drew Krehel and Kyle Talley of the sketch comedy and film collective, Muscular Clown. They talk about their award-winning web-series, “The Street Wizard’s Apprentice” and the process of writing and shooting the series and why creativity beats budget.

Raul Benitez of Comfort Film and Mike Vanderbilt of Daily Grindhouse stop by to update us on the Cinepocalypse Film Festival at the Music Box. They share their thoughts on the films they’ve seen and their most anticipated films coming up at the festival.

Watch “The Street Wizard’s Apprentice” below!