Childcare and Camp Options During 2019 CPS Teachers’ Strike

Celebrity chef Chris Cosentino: “You don’t have to yell at anybody to eat a carrot, but you kind of have to yell at them to try things they don’t feel comfortable with”

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Chef Chris Cosentino and Justin Kaufmann

Celebrity chef Chris Cosentino joins Justin on Industry Night to discuss his new book, “Offal Good: Cooking from the Heart, with Guts.” Chris talks about where the word “offal” comes from, when he became interested in offal, the global connection to offal that is not shared in the western world, when offal fell out of favor in the United States, the role of the USDA when it comes to offal, how we can learn to embrace unfamiliar flavors and how hunger and food insecurity could improve if we were a little more welcoming to trying new food.

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