The John Williams Show Full Podcast 10.18.17: Thomas Jefferson, #MeToo, leadership

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A Scott Stantis cartoon of John Williams. (Scott Stantis / Chicago Tribune)

The president said on Monday that most previous presidents didn’t make phone calls to the families of fallen military service members. John asks you if conversation of more recent news of his insensitive comment while on one of those calls deserves airtime. Then, John asks Thomas Jefferson himself what his protocol was for contacting the families of fallen soldiers, and some of your questions, too. TJ will be at the Blizzard Theatre at Elgin Community College on Dec. 2. Heidi Stevens joins John to tackle the #metoo subject, brought on by Harvey Weinstein scandals, and meant to empower. Finally, Time Magazine Contributor Joel Stein describes what he was recently taught to be the true definition of leadership.

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